December 6, 2010

Alan Wilder moved quickly from Budapest to Prague to be the godfather of new Lakeside Xís album

The planned grand ending of the first Recoil tour "A Strange Hour" didnít happen. The final concert in Budapest was accompanied by many complications and the show started with huge delay. Although the concert itself didnít have any problems and Alan's show was received with enthusiasm in a beautiful club Szikra, Mr. Recoil got into his car immediately after their set and drove to Prague. The second (respectively due to delays that same) day a "secret" launch of the new album of Czech alternative band Lakeside X awaited him.

The official godfather of the "City Of Red LightsĒ album, released by record label X-Production, was Alan's musical partner and longtime friend Paul Kendall. He and Olivia Louvel also opened the ceremony with their own music performance. Donít forget that Olivia performed at several concerts of the Selected Tour.

"It is a great honor for us that Paul came to christen our CD to Prague. Together with Alan they ended a world tour with Recoil project in Budapest a day before. Alan wanted to come to Prague too because he likes the city and combining his visit with the party was even more attractive for him. We really appreciate his visit. It would never occur to us what famous guests we will have on our show, even on the CD realease party, "said frontman of Lakeside X Janne Marvannen to music server Musicsite.

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