December 11, 2007

Autograph session in Moscow - UPDATE

Better later than never we finally come with a short report from Alan’s visit of Moscow. Russian fans had a chance to meet Alan Wilder in Muscovite Soyuz music store. In the following article you will find personal impressions from this meeting and links to several photo galleries and video shots. Many thanks to Tanya for the reportage and Anna for a translation.

"We arrived 30 minutes prior to the beginning of autograph session by Alan Wilder and saw a huge number of people waiting to get Alan's autograph. We were standing in line for 3 hours, but don't regret it. Finally, after tedious waiting, we saw Alan. He was sitting at the table and took his time talking to the fans. He was polite and nice to everyone. He was shaking everyone's hand, as a real gentleman. You could have spoken to him, take a picture. Alan was signing everything, he was given by the fans (old photos with Alan, albums not only by Recoil, but Depeche Mode as well).

I was asked to give Alan the album of one of the unknown Russian group. After Alan signed me his disc, I took a chance to give him that album of a Russian group. I started to explain what kind of disc is that and thought that he wouldn't take it. But he did! Even started smiling.

Behind us stood a man who brought an old keyboard "Moog Prodigy'. I didn't see how Alan reacted as we already left. But I've heard that Alan was very impressed to see it, he said that he came to audition for Depeche Mode with the same keyboard, but it was in 1982.

I really enjoyed this autograph session. I'm happy that I finally met this great man, who made a lot for Depeche Mode, and after that for his own project Recoil."

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