January 20, 2009

New Recoil confirmed!

As it seems, we revealed Alan's new announcement earlier than we were supposed to. Today we received Alan's press release about the new version of his Facebook profile and the confirmation of working on his new music material. Alan was always a sympathizer of new technologies. Perhaps it is not surprising that, instead of the old static website, he uses channels like MySpace, YouTube, or already mentioned Facebook for a communication with fans, instead of the old static website. Whether you are familiar with with portals like these or not, the great news is that we can look forward to brand new Recoil stuff.

New Recoil Facebook Page - now online
As an update to the old Recoil Facebook profile, this is a new and improved band/artist's 'Page'.

'Become a fan' today for up to date news about Recoil and Alan Wilder. In addition to photos, videos, a music player and a discussion board (where the Boss sometimes drops in), the page will be regularly updated and new features added along the way.

We hope you will find this another interactive and interesting place for Recoil followers, where you can connect with others and where your feedback and suggestions are welcome. If you're planning a Recoil event or if you want to help promote Recoil on your website, we are happy to post your news and events on the page (some restrictions apply...)

Alan Wilder is back in the Thin Line Studio working on new material. Look out for video updates - coming soon...

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