April 16, 2007

New Recoil album is titled subHuman

New Recoil album titled „subHuman“ is planned to be released on July, 9. The new album is more politicized then the earlier ones (Hydrology, Bloodline, Unsound Methods, Liquid). It‘s a kind of reflections about the anti-humane side of mandkind which is responsible for international terror, hate and enmity.

„We are all anti-humane. We learned nothing from the past concerned with cruelty and detestation to each other. Our so-called „civilized society“ is full of personal and global tragedies. Enmity is all around: from killing Jews by islamic terrorists to slaughter of Moslems in Baltic States, from homophobish announcements of fanatical preachers to destroying activity of west governments which is presented as the war with terrorism. Everyone of us is a half-human in someone‘s eyes“, - says the musician.

The album is full of leisured ambient sounds that are beautifully combined with bluesy tunes for which Joe Richardson (an unordinary musician from Louisiana) is responsible. Besides him English singer Carla Trevaskis also took part in recording the album. Carla Trevaskis, a songwriter in her own right, brings an expressive range and control to subHuman and has worked with artists as diverse as Fred de Faye (Eurythmics), Cliff Hewitt (Apollo 440) and Dave McDonald (Portishead).

The talent of Alan as arranger and composer is unique. According to the rules of all worthwhile albums you‘ll have to listen to it from beginning to end several times to feel it entirely. But the one thing is doubtless – it‘s a black pearl.

The album will be presented in a regular audio format, and also as a limited edition which will include CD + DVD with all Recoil videos and the album in DVD 5.1. audio surround sound. The ambient version of the album will be presented on vinyl format only.

Courtesy of GalaRec RU

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