July 10, 2000

New Recoil single

An enhanced single, 'Jezebel' including a new Recoil video will be released on August 7th, 2000 (this date is still subject to change). No release date has been set yet for the US and Canada.

Title: Jezebel (enhanced CD), UK CD - Mute 233
01 Jezebel (edit)
02 Jezebel (Slick Sixty mix)
03 Electro Blues For Bukka White (2000 mix)
04 Blac
k Box (complete) 05 Jezebel (video)

'Jezebel' features vocals by The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet and Diamanda Galás with a remixed version by Slick Sixty and Roger Johnson. 'Electro Blues' originally appeared on the 'Bloodline' LP and has been remixed by Alan and PK. 'Black Box' is the, as yet unreleased, full 14 minute version.

The CD artwork has been designed by Michael Williams at Intro and the promo has been directed by Richard Bell for State Films.

Courtesy of Shunt

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