November 21, 2008

Special Xmas gift for all fans

Brand new bonus mix of 'Prey' will be downloadable as Christmas gift since December 8th at Shunt - the official Recoil website. This new version is approved by Alan Wilder and re-mixed by David Husser. David, a Frenchman, was recommended by Paul Kendall and came to work at The Thin Line earlier this year. It will be available to download from Shunt - the Official Recoil website. This is what PK has to say about David:

"A distorting diamond. I had the good fortune of meeting David Husser over 6 years ago in Paris. Since then, we have collaborated on a number of projects and I have been amazed at his ability to teach an old dog new tricks. He is simply the best recording engineer I have ever met. His mixing and production skills have allowed me to sit in the corner of the studio grinning. Search for his old group 'Y Front', the album released in 2001 'Mellow Cosmos', and you will hear the excellence of his fractured guitar/bass/ programming."

You can listen an excerpt of new remix at Recoil Myspace.

Y Front covered a Depeche Mode song 'Enjoy The Silence' for an album 'Electric Love' (Rough Trade / Vision Records, RTD 303.4022.2, 1998).

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