Last Call For Liquid Courage

written by Alan Wilder and Samantha Coerbell
leading vocals by Samantha Coerbell

Sip still, gotta be enough. Wide palms slap skin, let the hitting begin! A done deal. Discarded piles of dignity. Another anonymous evening of absolut flesh. And tonight, itís got to be enough. Itís got to be enough. Sip another swig, let the night fill you. Stranger pour into you. Peel back what binds you, make you strong! And itís ok, mostly. Today is tonight and tonightís enough. Swallow still some sips, Hootchie mamma you is! Him hot for poker bid. Stuck his two cents in you. Done did make bid for next time but....thereís always a but at the end of nights like this. Itís got to be enough. Hip, hand, thigh, back, calf, arm, ass, cheek, teeth, knee, heel, neck, elbow, ear, tongue, shoulder. You thinking it is 4am. Baby damn! What I gotta buy is all for a little pseudoaffectionado. A purry dreamic plead. Wanna lick it up? Quiz over every curve you got. Furry tongue making brown liquid slot. Enough tonight. You finally had enough. You had enough. Had enough? Enough!

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