Look who's in the air

the cogitations
by Angelia Squires
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Remember being little, back in the days when you had no worries, back when you were carefree and your imagination would run wild. That feeling my friend occurs in us still today. When one sleeps, dreams begin to occur. While sleeping we are unbound from our daily worries, we are at peace. When we dream our imagination, once again, is free to roam through our thoughts that are flowing in our minds. Dreams can take you to happy places, just as they can take us to our unknown fears. Dreams play on thoughts and take us places we can't quite get to at the moment. In dreams you can be anything from invincible to extraordinary to even devious. Dreaming is a time when anything can happen, at anytime, any place and anywhere. People have often asked themselves “Are my dreams trying to tell me something, do they have a hidden meaning, or are they just unknown thoughts?” Yet there are still tests and studies to be shared about dreams one may never know why exactly we dream the way we do. 

Dreams, lovely dreams...........ever wonder why they occur? While you are sleeping, thoughts flow freely and mix together. People have been known from time to time to stop and ask themselves this question............"Are my dreams trying to tell me something, could there be some unknown hidden meaning for dreaming this?" Some believe that if you can remember what you were dreaming after you are awake that it is a message. Whether that is the truth or not one may not ever know. Dreams aren't always meant to mean anything in particular.....however there are some that do. Most dreams are just your thoughts mixed together with you imagination, worries, moods and daily activities. Imagination is a great ability to have, it builds character in each of us in so many different ways.

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