Everlasting Breath

The lyric
by Sharon Toma
Toulouse/Grenoble, France
originally placed on Black Chrome

He was lying there so frail, so vulnerable, so appealing, so beautiful, so uncommonly human that Shanne thought for the first time she was reconciled with the abhorrent, this abstruse conception of the humanity which was yet so dear to her.

That night a warm and subtle honey scent was floating in the air, and golden curls of air diluting in the restricted space were permeating everything ; a thin moisture like an iridiscent haze was softly settling on the amber skins, and the gaping sugary lips succumbed to the sweetness of the slowly waltzing atmosphere which gently came and caramelized them.
This voluptuous aerial ballet seemed to accompany the slight breath of the man lying asleep on his belly.

Silently, eyes wide shut, his shiny face consented to the soft caresses of each and every breath. Shanne's breath, grazing his powerful and yet conquered arm. The diffuse air, ondulating on his nacked body, intimately caressed by this undefined ebb and flow.

The one and only breath since there is only one.

The amber of this oozing skin captivated Shanne's humid eyes as she was crouching by the bed. She remained solemnly silent in front of such nobility. Like a wary doe hanging back from the fresh water she's craving for, Shanne cautiously approached her face to this peaceful and moving landscape.

A promise of delights. Or was it some kind of chimera again ?

Then, giving up fears and hopes, she indolently yielded to the impulses and senses she had retained for so long. Thus in a sudden outburst of eager desire, her ruby lips bulged and brushed the warm side of the dozing man internally and secretly relieved.

Encouraged by this first volatile and absolutory contact - that of an angel's wing soothing an imploring cheek - and with the intensity escaped from the very depths of her soul, harder and harder, she pressed her sugary mouth on the feverish and now shivering skin. Harder and harder.

In the impossible space between the two bodies an indefinite breath creeped.

A bead of water plopped on the shoulder of the grateful man and rolled down to the sheet which hastily absorbed that sign of deep affliction. "And lonely......"
A flow of precious teardrops of recognition reached the brim of Shanne's loving and blurred eyes, bursted with the brisk flickering of her eyelids, and, in a clear tinkle, sprinkled like a slow pearly rain down on her lap.
A heaven-sent reprieve that Shanne recognized in this instant of grace.

"The last breath remains everlasting", she thought as two powerful arms came to embrace her. "Walk this lovely land with me."

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