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By: Expressen editorial team
Special thanks: Ann Avekova

Swedish tabloid Expressen ran an article with a new interview of Alan in their weekly entertainment supplement... The article is entitled Alan Wilder - 'that guy who left Depeche Mode' The article is written by Anders Nunstedt, here are a few excerpts.

"Wilder mixes sharp modern beats, monotone basslines and dramatic string arrangements with odd [strange] guest vocalists. No Swedes though."

AN: The new album 'Liquid' is an odd but interesting product. Dark and unconventional, almost like listening to a movie.
AW: Recoil is an experiment and I don't worry about what people think. This time I've come closer to my vision...

AN: ...which is?
AW: Emotional music that grabs ahold of the listener. Sometimes I get chills listening to it. That makes me very pleased. I hope it will scare a few others as well. (laughs)

'I don't have enough knowledge of Swedish music.' Wilder says apologetically then, with difficulty, manages to list Andreas Johnson, [the] Wannadies and [the] Cardigans.

'I was in contact with the Cardigans, they wanted me to do a remix for them, but it felt like they wanted the Depeche Mode-sound so I backed out.'

AN: You're not into that?
AW: For obvious reasons. I've done it enough. The pop format is a closed chapter for me.

The article also mentions that Alan has had a number of bad experiences with airplanes and that the opening and closing track of the album are called "Black Box 1 & 2"...

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