December 7, 2010

Alan Wilder returns back to the life the ballad "I Want You Now"

Thanks to the attention of Alan's fans, they managed to reveal a little secret. Alan Wilder is also working on another track for the new Depeche Mode remix album. The mix of "In Chains" was already announced. Also in progress is a new version of the popular ballad "I Want You Now". Leakage of this information was quite innocent as it happened before the show in Warsaw, where desktop of Alan's laptop appeared with the shortcut of the new "I Want You Now" mix on the screen-projection. Wilder confirmed this information later. Alan has re-worked this song once before for the (successful but absolutely devastating for the band) Devotional Tour. This "trip-hop" version took place in the standard playlist during the mentioned Exotic / Summer Tour and has still been very popular between fans.

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