January 18, 2010

Nitzer Ebb Boxsets

To coincide with Nitzer Ebb supporting Depeche Mode on the final leg of their worldwide tour, Mute release 2 box sets, the 5 CD "Catalogue" (all the Mute albums, That Total Age, Belief, Showtime, Ebbhead and Big Hit) and the 3 CD "Compilation" (Body of Work and Body Rework). The "Catalogue" includes album Ebbhead (1991) originally produced by Alan Wilder and Flood. "Compilation" includes song "Come Alive" mixed by Alan Wilder at Konk Studios (1991).

Formed in Chelmsford when main protagonists Douglas McCarthy (vocals) and Bon Harris (drums, programming) were just 15, Nitzer Ebb cut a dynamic swathe through the industrial music and Balaeric beat scenes of the 1980's and 90's. They were electro-punks before the genre even existed, at a time when The Prodigy were not even a gleam in fellow Essex boy Liam Howlett's eye.

Militaristic, intimidating yet always accessible, Nitzer Ebb enjoyed a string of ferocious club hits and released five critically acclaimed albums on Mute. From their first-ever single, 1984's 'Isn't It Funny How Your Body Works' through to their final 1995 single 'I Thought', they were a band whose honed aggression, originality and precision were impeccable.

Artists lined up to cite them as a major influence, or less honourably, simply exploiting the Ebb's musical template for their own individual gain. Whilst such a situation may be a cause of great annoyance to most bands, the Ebb maintain a healthy level of stoicism. As they say, "That's the problem with being ahead of the game - the pioneers get the arrows and the settlers get the land."

Mute Record Store

MUTE release for the first time, a Nitzer Ebb collection of B Sides, Remixes & Rarirties comprising of 60 tracks. The digital album named in order is available now on iTunes. iTunes

Nitzer Ebb toured with Depeche Mode and have influenced pioneering DJs and producers such as Richie Hawtin, Darren Emerson, Sven Vaeth, DJ Hell, Tom Stephan, Danny Tenaglia as well as rock-gods Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails.

The band will release a brand new album, Industrial Complex (Major Records), which includes the tracks Once You Say (featuring Martin Gore) and Never Known (from the Saw IV soundtrack).

That Total Age (CDSTUMM45)
1. Fitness To Purpose
2. Violent Playground
3. Murderous
4. Smear Body
5. Join In The Chant
6. Alarm
7. Let Your Body Learn
8. Let Beauty Loose
9. Into The Large Air
10. Join In The Chant - Metal Mix
11. Fitness To Purpose - Mix Two
12. Murderous - Instrumental

Belief (CDSTUMM61)
1. Hearts And Minds
2. For Fun
3. Control I'm Here
4. Captivate
5. Twa
6. Blood Money
7. Shame
8. Drive
9. Without Belief
10. K.I.A. - PK Mix
11. Control I'm Here - S.D.I. Mix
12. Without Belief - Instrumental

Showtime (CDSTUMM72)
1. Getting Closer
2. Nobody Knows
3. One Mans Burden
4. All Over
5. My Heart
6. Lightning Man
7. Rope
8. Hold On
9. Fun To Be Had

Ebbhead (CDSTUMM88)
1. Reasons
2. Lakeside Drive
3. I Give To You
4. Sugar Sweet
6. Time
7. Ascend
8. Godhead
9. Trigger Happy
10. Family Man - Remixed V

Big Hit (CDSTUMM118)
1. Cherry Blossom
2. Hear Me Say
3. Kick It
4. I Thought
5. Floodwater
6. Border Talk
7. In Decline
8. Living Out Of A Bag
9. Boy
10. Our Own World

Get all 5 Nitzer Ebb albums in one special slipcased package.

Nitzer Ebb are supporting Depeche Mode in Europe between 9th January 2010 - 27th February 2010.
Nitzer Ebb are also touring with their own Industrial Complex Tour. Details can be found on

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