May 8, 2011

Alan contributes to tribute album of his favourite Talk Talk

Along with a series of special guests, Recoil has recorded a cover for a forthcoming Talk Talk tribute album & book. Talk Talk are one of Alan's favourite bands and this is a very exciting project with many well-known artists involved. We will bring you more details once everything has been fully confirmed. In the meantime, here is a comment from Alan.

"In direct opposition to their commercial decline, my interest in the group increased as their more avant garde leanings came to the forefront. 'The Colour Of Spring' (1986) was an excellent but transitional album where one could visibly see the band mutating from well-crafted, intelligent pop into something much deeper and more thought- provoking. It reflected producer Tim Friese-Greene's more fluid and melodic keyboard arrangements with a far more expansive production. However, the revelation that followed - 'Spirit of Eden' - was still totally unexpected. This has to be one of my all-time favourite albums. Mind-blowingly brilliant in its diversity, minimalism, atmospherics, musicianship and topped off with the voice which found it's true position floating painfully over the top (in the best possible way). Whenever I'm stumped for something to listen to, I reach for this album to restore my faith in all that is good about modern music."

While critically praised, the album Alan speaks of was not as commercially viable as its predecessors and, after the equally uncompromising follow up ‘Laughing Stock’, Talk Talk disbanded. Now, many are coming together to pay tribute to this underrated but highly influential band.

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