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October 2, 2012

‘A Strange Hour in Budapest’ – Toronto Cancellation

Due to technical issues at the proposed cinema, Alan has made the decision to cancel Toronto’s screening of ’A Strange Hour in Budapest‘. All tickets purchased so far will of course be refunded. Promoters apologise for any inconvenience but feel it is much better this way than going ahead in a venue which was unable to meet the technical standards required for this film. For further information or any questions about a refund, please contact: So far the cinema premieres (which accompany Recoil’s Blu-ray release of the full concert film) have proved outstandingly successful, with great crowd turn-outs and positive reactions everywhere. As a result, we wil have some good news coming your way very soon – with additional screenings to be announced in Europe.
September 24, 2012

‘A Strange Hour in Budapest’ – Santiago Screening

Set up in conjunction with Erick Rojas & Patricio Fuentealba from Experience Depeche Mode Chile, we have exciting news – the first public screening of ‘A Strange Hour in Budapest’ in South America! The film will be presented at Cine Planet Costanera Center in Santiago, Chile on November 3rd. Those that attended the show which Recoil played at Blondie Club back during the ‘Selected Events’ tour will be aware of what a memorable night that was, so we expect to see a lot of the same faces at this unique event to help celebrate ‘A Strange Hour’ all over again, only this time in full HD on a huge cinema screen with 5.1 surround sound. These presentations accompany Recoil’s Blu-ray release of the full concert film, directed by Attila Herkó.
September 22, 2012

‘A Strange Hour in Budapest’ – Oslo Screening

Following hot on the heels of the sell out in Copenhagen, we have now decided to put on an event in Oslo for you Norwegians! Last October, as part of the ‘Selected Events’ tour, Recoil appeared at the ElektroStat festival - Norway’s largest festival dedicated to underground electronic music. We had such a great time and so, this year, the film of that same Recoil show - ‘A Strange Hour in Budapest’ - will be screened in Oslo on Saturday November 3rd at Cinemateket.
September 19, 2012

‘A Strange Hour in Budapest’ – Copenhagen sold out! Extra screening planned

The screening of ‘A Strange Hour in Budapest’ in Copenhagen at Empire Bio on November 10th has completely sold out in just a few days. As a result, we are considering a second screening. If it goes ahead, a further Copenhagen presentation will happen on the same evening (10th November) at the same venue – followed by an even bigger afterparty. Says Alan Wilder “Thank you so much for your interest in the film – we’ve had some great reactions so far. I am truely honoured that you’ll share your time with me and I’m looking forward to being back in wonderful Copenhagen.“ If you would like to attend the second screening, please leave your name, contact details and number of tickets required right here
September 14, 2012

‘A Strange Hour in Budapest’ – Copenhagen Screening

Following the outstanding success of Recoil’s first screening of ‘A Strange Hour in Budapest’ in Gothenburg (pictures by Fredrik Svensson), we are very happy to be able to announce a new event in Copenhagen at Empire Bio on November 10th. These accompany Recoil’s Blu-ray release of the full concert film, directed by Attila Herkó.
September 11, 2012

Budapest is sold out

The 8.30 pm Recoil presentation of ‘A Strange Hour in Budapset’ in Budapest on 28th September has completely sold out. The good news is that there was added an additional screening which begins at 6.00pm and both screenings will be broadcast outside of the main auditorium, in the bar area, on a series of extra displays. Toldi Mozi is regarded as the coolest independent cinema in town, with its high-end digital screening system and full 5.1 audio system. Tickets for the early screening are already selling fast so get in there soon if you want to secure a seat.
September 10, 2012

‘A Strange Hour in Budapest’ – Berlin Screening - Sold out!

Recoil’s screening event for ‘A STRANGE HOUR IN BUDAPEST‘ in Berlin on October 26th at TAK (Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg) has completely sold out. The Berlin screening is being held as part of Retune’s ‘Creative Technology Conference‘ which runs between 26th – 28th October. The film presentation will feature surround sound and both Alan Wilder & Paul Kendall will be in attendance. Alan will host a Q & A session & discussion about the ‘Selected Events’ tour, film project and anything else you want to ask him! Look out for some special signed items for sale – plus other goodies – all followed by an Afterparty @ Prince Charles Club. Good news – there are still some tickets left which will gain you entry to the Afterparty, with DJ sets by Daniel Myer (HAUJOBB + Architect) & Patenbrigade Wolff.
September 7, 2012

'A Strage Hour in Budapest' – Bratislava Screening

Time to announce another screening event for ‘A Strange Hour in Budapest’ in Europe. These accompany Recoil’s Blu-ray release of the full concert film, directed by Attila Herkó. Alan Wilder will be returning to Bratislava in Slovakia to host a special screening of the movie. Recoil’s live presentation in Bratislava back in 2010 was one of the highlights of the whole tour – with a most vociferous crowd.
August 28, 2012

'A Strage Hour in Budapest' – Toronto Screening

We are now ready to announce the first screening event outside of Europe for ‘A STRANGE HOUR IN BUDAPEST‘. These accompany Recoil’s Blu-ray release of the full concert film, directed by Attila Herkó. On October 11th, the live concert film will be presented in Toronto at Projection Booth Metro. The presentation will feature surround sound but Alan Wilder will not be in attendance for his one. There will however be an Afterparty with Bar & DJs.
August 17, 2012

‘A Strange Hour in Budapest’ – Lodz Screening @ Soundedit Festival

Alan Wilder will be attending this year's Soundedit Festival - the International Festival of Music Producers & Sound Designers held in LódŸ, Poland (26th – 28th October). Established in 2009, the annual festival is “an attempt to honour those who stand behind the tedious process of creating a song or a whole album – and to develop educational activity in the field of music and recording techniques.” With its main highlight ’The Man with the Golden Ear’ award, previous recipients & guests of the festival include: Daniel Lanois, Flood, Daniel Miller, Peter Hook, Gareth Jones, Adrian Sherwood, Boris Wilsdorf, Gordon Raphael, Neil Hannon, Tackhead, Mad Professor, Tanita Tikaram, Andrzej Smolik & Adam Toczko.
August 12, 2012

'A Strage Hour in Budapest' – Berlin Screening

Recoil is very excited to be able to announce yet another screening event for ‘A Strange Hour in Budapest‘ in Europe. These accompany Recoil's Blu-ray release of the full concert film, directed by Attila Herkó. On October 26th, the live concert film will be presented in Berlin at TAK (Theatre Aufbau Kreuzberg) / Prince Charles Club. This will be the only screening event to be held in Germany. Presented in conjunction with Bodystyler &, the Recoil screening is being held as part of Retune's ’Creative Technology Conference‘.
August 9, 2012

Recoil New Film: Full Video for ‘Inheritance’

A brand new film has been made to accompany Recoil’s ‘Inheritance’ (featuring Linton Kwesi Johnson & Paul Marshall). It was shot in Moscow and directed & edited by Recoil collaborator Dmitry Semenov who was responsible for so many memorable images from ‘A Strange Hour’. You can now view the complete film here, on Recoil’s Official Youtube channel.
August 9, 2012

"A Strange Hour in Budapest" in details

There has already been a lot written about a new blu-ray, not only on this site. Alan Wilder has brilliantly used the power of social networks and regularly informs his fans via his blog and the newsletter. Each of us then got a rather precise idea about what values are hidden in A Strange Hour in Budapest. It was already suggested by a great trailer, in addition we could look straight into the production. However, what was apparently not expected by anybody was the speed in which the digipack edition would sell out. It took less than 24 hours for the numbered edition to disappear from the Recoil Store.
July 16, 2012

Prague Screening: A Strange Hour in Budapest

Time to announce another screening event for ’A Strange Hour in Budapest ‘ in Europe. These accompany Recoil’s Blu-ray release of the full concert film, directed by Attila Herkó. On September 29th, the live concert film will be presented in Prague at Kino Lucerna. Dating from 1909 and part of a vast complex of houses, the 450 capacity Lucerna Palace theatre wonderfully combines renaissance and art nouveau styles. It was the first cinema to feature talking films in Prague and remains today one of the most renowned and prestigious venues in the Czech Republic, regularly presenting premieres for international festival winners.
July 9, 2012

‘A Strange Hour in Budapest’ – in Budapest

Another live screening event for ‘A Strange Hour In Budapest’ is to be held in Europe. The events accompany Recoil’s Blu-ray release of the full concert film, directed by Attila Herkó. On September 28th, a premiere for the film will take place in the most appropriate city of all – Budapest. The original venue where the concert took place (Szikra) has unfortunately closed down so the screening event will take place in what is regarded as the coolest independent cinema in town – Toldi Mozi.
July 1, 2012

'A Strage Hour in Budapest' – Gothenburg Screening

Another live screening event for ‘A STRANGE HOUR IN BUDAPEST’ has just been added. These events accompany Recoil’s Blu-ray release of the full concert film, directed by Attila Herkó. Each HD cinema presentation features surround sound, and Alan Wilder will be in attendance to host Q&A sessions & discussions about the ‘Selected Events’ tour and film project. There will be some special signed items for sale – plus other goodies – all followed by Afterparties with a bar & DJs.
June 8, 2012

‘A Strage Hour in Budapest – Zurich Cinema Screening

We are now ready to announce the first in a series of live screening events for ‘A STRANGE HOUR IN BUDAPEST‘, to be held across several cities in Europe. This accompanies Recoil’s Blu-ray release of the full concert film, directed by Attila Herkó. Plans are still being finalised for exactly what will happen in each city, but we can tell you that as well as full cinema-style presentations of the film with surround sound, Alan will be attending each venue to host a Q&A session about the ‘Selected Events’ tour and film project. There may well be extra documentaries screened, possible guest artists and special signed items for sale – plus other goodies – all followed by an Afterparty with DJs.
June 5, 2012

A Strange Hour in Budapest - Director's View

Attila ‘Atus’ Herkó, the director of ‘A Strage Hour in Budapest’ has made the first of his planned behind-the-scenes documentaries called ‘A Director's View’. Some of you may have seen excerpts from this in the recent WARP TV piece from Mexico. Now on Recoil's Youtube channel, you can find the full interview with Attila where he talks about how the film came together, meeting Alan & the Recoil team, the logistics of getting the film shot, and the long post-production process to finally bring it to conclusion.
June 2, 2012

Amazing! Recoil Blu-ray 'A Strange Hour in Budapest' sold out during the first day!

Due to overwhelming demand, all stock of the limited deluxe version Blu-ray of ‘A Strange Hour In Budapest’ has sold out. It took us all by surprise as it had only been available on-line for 24 hours. Alan is extremely happy that this film is proving so popular – your obvious support & enthusiasm for the pre-order release on June 1st was the best birthday present he could have received.
June 1, 2012

Alan Wilder celebrates his 53rd birthday!

May 23, 2012

Alan Wilder mix for Arcade Fire's guitarist

Richard Reed Parry, Canadian multi-instrumentalist, composer and member of the indie rock band Arcade Fire, has contributed the haunting ‘I Believe In You’ for ‘Spirit Of Talk Talk’. His submission was mixed by Alan Wilder & Paul Kendall at Alan’s Thin Line studio. An audio excerpt has now been posted at and can be accessed under the ‘AUDIO’ player tab. You can also listen to other excerpts from the album – more and more clips are being added on a regular basis.
May 19, 2012

'Spirit of Talk Talk' – Now available to pre-order

In September 2012, Fierce Panda will be releasing ‘Spirit Of Talk Talk’, a double album which features 30 contemporary acts from around the globe re-inventing, re-interpreting and just generally re-booting many of Talk Talk’s greatest moments precisely 30 years since ‘Talk Talk’ made its mark on the mainstream. Conceived and co-ordinated by Toby Benjamin and massaged into shape by musical director Alan Wilder, this twin CD features artwork by creative TT stalwart James Marsh and sees profits going to the Rare Bird Club. As if that weren’t enough, the album accompanies a finely-honed and impeccably toned ‘Spirit Of Talk Talk’ book, itself published in September by Essential. Check for more information about the book. An online hub has just been launched at where you can hear audio excerpts from the album and find out much more information. The FB page has been designed to bring you regular updates and exciting news right up to release and beyond. You can pre-order the album from right now. Featuring full live performances from half a dozen of the ‘Spirit Of Talk Talk’ acts plus many TALK TALK-themed happenings besides, the launch party will be held in London (229 Great Portland Street) on Thursday September 6th 2012.
May 13, 2012

Spirit of Talk Talk will be released on September 3rd 2012, pre-order starts in the next few days

The double tribute album celebrating the visionary band Talk Talk is to be released by Fierce Panda on September 3rd 2012. Pre-ordering will begin in the next few days from Fierce Panda’s on-line store . All proceeds from the release will be going to ‘The Rare Bird Club’ charity. The album features 30 artists, including Alan Wilder. The CD package has been designed by Talk Talk’s graphic artist, James Marsh, using his cover created in 1983 for a prospective album ‘Chameleon Hour’ which was never released.
May 10, 2012

'A Strange Hour In Budapest' will be available to pre-order from June 1st

From June 1st, in conjunction with Umatik Entertainment, Shunt Production will be accepting pre-orders for the Recoil concert film ‘A Strange Hour In Budapest’, to be released on Blu-ray. This is a full HD production with DTS-HD 5.1 surround sound & stereo audio soundtrack, mixed by Alan Wilder & Paul Kendall. Directed and edited by Attila Herkó, ‘A Strange Hour In Budapest’ will be delivered as a Blu-ray only format, presented in a deluxe DVD-sized 6 panel digi-pack with reinforced slipcase, containing a 170gm 16-page booklet packed with information & photo manipulations by Ákos Szénási. With the first 1000 copies individually hand-stamped/numbered, the disc will also feature extra promotional films & live projections.
March 9, 2012

Recoil Live Concert Film ‘A Strange Hour in Budapest – on Blu-ray only

Plans are almost complete to make available a concert film from Recoil, entitled ‘A Strange Hour in Budapest’. ‘A Strange Hour’ was presented during 2010 & 2011 in 52 cities across the world as part of the Selected Events tour to celebrate 25 years of the Recoil project.
January 13, 2012

Recoil Tube

We've to confess that Recoil's music is generally not known and even fans of electronic music are lost in individual songs. We can often hear that Alan Wilder's songs are too difficult or depressing for some listeners. Closer approach to this music can come with the visual form. Until now seven official promotional videos exist (Faith Healer, Drifting, Stalker, Shunt, Strange Hours, Jezebel, Electro Blues For Bukka White 2000) as well as three semi-official (Prey, Allelujah, Want [Renegade of Noise 808]).
December 21, 2011

Alan Wilder's remix for SONOIO – free download

Alan Wilder recently completed his version of "Minutes" (expansion mix) for the new NON SONOIO remix album. SONOIO is the project of Alessandro Cortini – former member of Nine Inch Nails. Alessandro joined Alan and Paul at El Rey theatre in Los Angeles in October during the Recoil Tour. The release also includes re-workings & remixes by Eric Avery, Telefon Tel Aviv, Drumcell, Daniel Myer, Mark Verbos, Gino Robair, Baseck, Except the Cat & Ian Curtis.
October 19, 2011

Recoil eShop: Calendar 2012. Order now!

Also available for pre-order at the store (shipped from November 1st) - the brand new Recoil Calendar 2012 presenting 13 large photographs by Steve Gullick, all chosen by Alan. Steve is the author of second (remix) book from Selected Box. The A3 calendar is produced using waterproof, resin-coated, high gloss photographic paper. If you need an Xmas present for your fellow Recoil friends, here it is! Order yours soon as this is a very limited run up until the new year. The Shunt team plans to bring more items to the store in the future, including a new selection of T-shirts and some other merchandise. Keep checking back and let us know which products you would most like to see appear there. Contact:
October 18, 2011

Order new DVD 'COLLECTED plus'

On November 1st, Dentez Lab and Shunt will release a limited edition, remastered DVD of Martin Vladar's documentary film which accompanied the AW / DM historic equipment, vinyl and memorabilia auction. As the original auction run proved so popular and to satisfy many who missed out, Alan has decided to produce this superior quality transfer of the film. Based on your comments at Facebook, Recoil is manufacturing a limited run of 1000 copies, with extra material available, entitled 'Alan Wilder Collected +'.
October 10, 2011

New live DVD in HD

Alan Wilder has announced plans for a live film of the recent "Strange Hour" tour. The material was shot in Budapest at the end of last year in super HD and if all goes as planned the material should hit the stores in early 2012.

October 9, 2011

Alan Wilder is doing a remix for Alessandro Cortini

Alan Wilder announced that he's doing a remix for Alessandro Cortini, an Italian musician best known for touring and recording with Nine Inch Nails from 2004 to 2008. Currently, Cortini is also the frontman for the Los Angeles based electronic-alternative band Sonoio and that's the project Wilder made a remix for.
October 9, 2011

The second Talk Talk cover is Dum Dum Girl

Alan Wilder recorded two covers of Talk Talk for an upcoming Talk Talk tribute album which should come out in Spring 2012. The covers are "Dum Dum Girl" (1984) and "Inheritance" (1988), the latter was recorded together with the UK-based dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson.

October 4, 2011

'Collected' film as extra DVD

Omega recently made available the last of the 'Collected' DVDs from the auction which sold out within a few hours. As these have proved so popular and to satisfy those who missed out, Alan is thinking of producing a better quality transfer of Martin Vladar's 'Collected' documentary on a brand new DVD, with additional content and all-new artwork in a cardboard sleeve. This would include some extra footage with Emax demos from Alan, other outtakes which never made the final cut, a film review of the day at Zion in Manchester and a photo gallery. All running at about one hour in total. If you would be interested in purchasing something like this, let us know by either clicking 'like' or drop an email at: so the production can gauge how many to produce. Rather than using eBay, we plan to open a new, user-friendly Recoil Official Store in order to fulfil any orders.
September 21, 2011

‘Devotional’ drums sold!

The ‘Devotional’ drum kit has been sold for an undisclosed amount and has found a happy new home in Switzerland. Alan WIlder and the proud new owner are both very happy with the outcome. We are assured it won’t be showing up on eBay over the coming weeks thankfully.

September 20, 2011

‘Devotional’ drum kit – ‘fair warning’

Depeche Mode’s ‘Devotional’ tour drum kit which came back onto the market last week is now very close to being sold. This is your last chance to make a serious bid before the hammer goes down. If you are interested, please contact us immediately at: before it is too late.
September 14, 2011

DM's 'Devotional' drum kit makes a comeback!

We have some interesting and exciting news regarding Alan Wilder's 'Devotional' tour drum kit. The winner of the kit who secured it at a ridiculously low bargain price at auction recently has gone missing, and the drum kit is therefore coming back on the market! This special kit with it's unique history spent 14 months on the road with Alan in '93 and '94 and was also featured in Anton Corbijn's live film of Depeche Mode's 'Devotional'.
September 5, 2011

The AW/DM auction 'Collected' - how did it go?

Over 400 lots went under the hammer as Alan Wilder sold a large selection of musical/studio equipment and memorabilia at auction in Manchester. Many items were very collectable and held special value having been used extensively in the recording sessions for classic Depeche Mode & Recoil albums, as well as live performances on the 'Black Celebration', 'Music For The Masses', 'World Violation' and 'Devotional' tours. Focusing mainly on the years between 1982 & 1995, this was one of the most exciting career sales ever to hit the public domain.
September 4, 2011

Last show of Recoil's 'A Strange Hour'. With Diamanda Galas!

We are very pleased to announce that Recoil will be taking part in this year's Sinner's Day Festival in Belgium on Sunday 30th October 2011. Sinner’s Day is fast becoming internationally renowned on the concert calendar with around 10.000 music lovers expected to attend this 3rd edition, to be held in the Ethias Arena inHasselt. All bands will perform in the one arena, but for the first time, there will be two stages providing the opportunity to see everything with fast changeovers. Doors will open at noon. With an expected total of 14 artists, the first act will on stage at 1pm and the last will end at around 1am. We will confirm Recoil's performance time as soon as we get it. This could be the final presentation of Recoil's 'A Strange Hour' so try to come along. Being towards the Eastern parts of Belgium, Hasselt is very close to Germany & Holland and conveniently placed for many Europeans. More acts are still to be announced but so far, the line up includes Recoil, Diamanda Galás, KMFDM, Patti Smith and Band, The Mission, Visage, Karl Bartos and The Cult.
September 4, 2011

Alan earned almost £225,000

In yesterday's auction in Zion, Manchester were auctioned for nearly £225,000. Of course, the entire profit is not Alan's pocket. Part of the earnings belongs to Omega Auctions company and there are still the costs of lease, assistants, and the late concert. Even so, but it certainly is a nice "little houses". Most expensive items were guitar Knight Gretsch (£10,400), and historical Steinway piano (£11,000). The lack of interest in the famous drum kit from the Devotional Tour was big surprise. The Yamaha kit ended only on the purchase price £3,300. Some buyers have managed to win more auctions and obtained very interesting collection. One fan spent for 30 items (award discs, Alan’s clothes, CDs, vinyls, posters) incredible £18,575! There was given only five subjects under the one hundred pounds (12" promo for Faith Healer - £75, two DM posters from 1983 - £80 and £95, Spanish pressing of Bloodline album - £90 and a USA cassette tape from The Wherehouse 1990 - £95).
September 2, 2011

Recoil live at ElektroStat Festival, Oslo

Just confirmed is the addition of Recoil as headline act for this year's ElektroStat in Oslo, Norway on Saturday 8th October 2011 at M?nefisken. ElektroStat is Norway's largest festival dedicated to underground electronic music. The aim is to promote underground Norwegian electro, as well as introduce international acts to a Norwegian audience. Having started back in 1999, this year's event will be held over two days - 7th & 8th October - at the well known Månefisken venue by the river. ElektroStat utilises four rooms with many different live acts and DJs. Age limit is 18+. ID will be checked at entrance.
August 28, 2011

Recoil to perform live at the AW/DM auction on September 3rd!

Great news! Alan Wilder has decided to perform a virtually free concert immediately following the main sale event in Manchester on Saturday 3rd Sept at Zion theatre, as a thank you to everyone who is supporting the auction. For the lucky few who are registering to attend the live part of the event, it will possible to stay for this performance as long as the theatre capacity at Zion will hold the numbers. In order to cover PA and projection costs, we are asking an extra ?5 only for anyone who wishes to remain at the theatre for Recoil's performance.
July 21, 2011

Alan Wilder is working on the second song for Talk Talk tribute album

The Talk Talk Tribute album / Book will be a double album and is set for early 2012 release. Just heard Chris Walla from Death Cab for Cutie has confirmed he is working on 'John Cope' and Linton Kwesi Johnson (of the absolute classic album "Bass Culture" fame), is doing a collaboration with Alan Wilder -'Inheritance'. Please note Alan Wilder's Recoil is doing another Talk Talk track as well.
Courtesy of Mark Hollis & Talk Talk official Facebook page
July 18, 2011

Report: Alan Wilder in Prague 2010

It's more than a two years now when British sound genius and well-known creator and pioneer of typical Depeche Mode sound Mr. Alan Wilder as well as the face - brain - heart and soul of the Recoil project grace us with his visit. Or, if you want, the main man who represents this project. Let's remember together his last visit in Czech Republic.
June 1, 2011

Alan Wilder celebrates his 52nd birthday!

May 30, 2011

The Alan Wilder / Depeche Mode Collection Historic equipment, vinyl and memorabilia auction

This summer, Alan Wilder will be selling a large selection of musical / studio equipment, vinyl & memorabilia at auction. Many items are very collectable and hold special value having been used extensively in the recording sessions for classic Depeche Mode and Recoil albums, as well as live performances on the 'Black Celebration', ‘Music For The Masses’, World Violation’ and ‘Devotional’ tours.
May 29, 2011

Summerjam 2011 is cancelled

We just received word that the Summerjam 2011 festival in France where Recoil would have been presenting 'A Strange Hour' has unfortunately been cancelled. The festival was due to take place on June 11th, however the promoters informed us that there were funding issues and various other complications which, despite their best efforts, meant that they were unable to see the project through. They are very disappointed to have let the artists and fans down. As with all festivals, the artists are always subject to the main organiser's plans and do not themselves control the events. Alan agreed to take part in good faith and we can only apologise to those people who bought tickets - full refunds will be made. Recoil will appear on 12th June in Leipzig at Wave Gotik Treffen.
May 25, 2011

Recoil at (London) Vintage Festival in July

We are very excited to announce that Recoil will be taking part in this year's Vintage Festival in London on 29th July. Alan and Paul Kendall will be presenting a dynamic, slightly shorter version of 'A Strange Hour' - similar to the recent & well-received Short Circuit outing at The Roundhouse for Mute Records.
May 9, 2011

New venue for Summerjam 2011, France

The venue for the Summerjam festival where Recoil will be presenting 'A Strange Hour' has changed. The promoters are very excited that they have managed to secure a special location for the festival which is much more in keeping with the whole theme of the project. It will now be held outside St Etienne Cathedral in the beautiful city of Sens sur Yonne (89), The other great news is that Neneh Cherry will also be performing at the event.
May 8, 2011

Alan contributes to tribute album of his favourite Talk Talk

Along with a series of special guests, Recoil has recorded a cover for a forthcoming Talk Talk tribute album & book. Talk Talk are one of Alan's favourite bands and this is a very exciting project with many well-known artists involved. We will bring you more details once everything has been fully confirmed. In the meantime, here is a comment from Alan.
May 7, 2011

In Chains - behind the scenes

On 6 June 2011, Depeche Mode will release Remixes 2: 81-11 on Mute. An inspiring collection of new and classic mixes of material covering their entire career, the album includes remixes of tracks from their 1981 debut Speak And Spell, through to 2009's Sounds Of The Universe, and is the follow-up to 2004's million-plus selling Remixes 81-04. As we announced before Alan Wilder remixed song 'In Chains'. In the following article you can read what Alan says about his new version and why he chose just this song.
March 25, 2011

Recoil at Wave Gotik Treffen Festival in Leipzig

We are very pleased to announce that Recoil will be taking part in this year’s Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig. Alan and Paul Kendall will be presenting a full set – the updated version of "A Strange Hour". Wave Gotik Treffen 2011 will run between 10th and 13th June, 2011.
March 22, 2011

New event in the Baltic mini-tour

Another event has now been added to Recoil’s upcoming European mini-tour where Alan will be presenting the updated version of ‘A Strange Hour’. Recoil will host the event in Tallinn to complete a trio of shows in the Baltic region. It will take place at Rock Cafe on Sunday 8th May. We are also very pleased to reveal that Architect has just been confirmed as special guests for all three Baltic shows.
March 21, 2011

Recoil live in Paris

A further event has now been added to Recoil's upcoming European mini-tour where Alan will be presenting the updated version of "A Strange Hour". Recoil will take part in the Summerjam festival in Paris at Le Zénith on Saturday 11th June. The Summerjam (Save the Forest) festival is an initiative to help reforestation around the world and there are plans to hold more events in Australia, America and Africa later this year.
March 7, 2011

'Selected Events' : New Recoil shows for 2011

Having completed a hugely successful year in 2010 with some outstanding events across Europe, North and South America, Recoil's 'Selected Events' tour returns this year with some additional performances across Europe. Now, Alan is bringing the updated version of 'A Strange Hour' once again to several new European cities. If you missed the presentations last time out, now is your chance to catch up, with perhaps one or two further changes and definitely some special guests. As usual, Alan should also be available for meet and greet signing sessions after the performances at each event. After the BTTP festival in Manchester with Gary Numan & Motor, the new shows continue on in Vilnius, Lithuania at Forum Palace on Tuesday 10th May and in Ventspils, Latvia at The Centre of Performing Arts – "Juras Varti" on Wednesday 11th May. Says Alan: "Last year was a lot of fun and very different for me to be out on the road so much. Even so, there were places which we never got to for one reason or another and now we have a chance to fill in those gaps, which is why I'm delighted to add a few more events. We have the unusual Mute night to prepare for (with maybe a surprise or two) and then these extra dates in cities I have never visited before. I’m very excited to be visiting both Lithuania and Latvia. We also hope to add some more events over the coming weeks."
January 3, 2011

"Selected" won the best album of year 2010 and "A Strange Hour" is the best live act!

Recoil has been voted #1 in the „best live band" and „best release" sections at the Side-Line Music Awards. 39,203 people (the all-time record for Side-Line) voted for their favourite band, album, single, label, live band, magazine and e-Shop. Alan Wilder left a significant mark in these charts. Recoil’s album "Selected" won the "Best Album" category with 10,442 votes and "Best Live Band" (14,545 votes). The promo tour "A Strange Hour" even beated Depeche Mode world tour "Tour of the Universe" which was at the third place. Moreover Recoil was the 6th in the "Best Band" category with 2,542 votes.
December 7, 2010

Alan Wilder returns back to the life the ballad "I Want You Now"

Thanks to the attention of Alan's fans, they managed to reveal a little secret. Alan Wilder is also working on another track for the new Depeche Mode remix album. The mix of "In Chains" was already announced. Also in progress is a new version of the popular ballad "I Want You Now". Leakage of this information was quite innocent as it happened before the show in Warsaw, where desktop of Alan's laptop appeared with the shortcut of the new "I Want You Now" mix on the screen-projection. Wilder confirmed this information later. Alan has re-worked this song once before for the (successful but absolutely devastating for the band) Devotional Tour. This "trip-hop" version took place in the standard playlist during the mentioned Exotic / Summer Tour and has still been very popular between fans.
December 6, 2010

Alan Wilder moved quickly from Budapest to Prague to be the godfather of new Lakeside X’s album

The planned grand ending of the first Recoil tour "A Strange Hour" didn’t happen. The final concert in Budapest was accompanied by many complications and the show started with huge delay. Although the concert itself didn’t have any problems and Alan's show was received with enthusiasm in a beautiful club Szikra, Mr. Recoil got into his car immediately after their set and drove to Prague. The second (respectively due to delays that same) day a "secret" launch of the new album of Czech alternative band Lakeside X awaited him.
December 2, 2010

A Strange Hour – special full cinema screening

For the very final presentation of 'A Strange Hour', Alan and the Recoil team have decided to install an extra large, fully professional cinema screen & projector at the newly-renovated venue 'Szikra' in Budapest. The screen will measure a giant 8 x 5 meters and will cover the entire stage area. The performance is also planned to be filmed using multi-cameras and the latest high-definition technology in order to capture the event in its full glory. How and when 'A Strange Hour' will be released is yet to be determined but you can be sure that at some stage, you will see the culmination of a year's work made available on some kind of DVD/Blu-ray format, perhaps as part documentary or maybe as a concert film. A message from Alan: "It's been an incredible year with many many ups and only a couple of minor 'downs' due to some travel chaos. Without fail, audiences have been warm and appreciative everywhere. To get out there again and put so many faces to names has been a real highlight – much more enjoyable than I could ever have imagined. Thank you so much for all the encouragement and good vibes – it's been emotional. Let's hope we can do it again soon."
November 14, 2010

Song declassified - Alan Wilder mixes In Chains

Fans of Depeche Mode are abuzz over news that all five past and present members — Dave Gahan, Martin Gore and Andrew Fletcher, plus ex-bandmates Vince Clarke and Alan Wilder — will appear on disc together for the first time on a new remix album reported to be in the works. While DM hasn’t formally announced the project, fan sites have been reporting about artists being asked to remix tracks. Fan site Home confirmed that Alan Wilder is contributing a mix of "In Chains", the opening track of 2009's Sounds of the Universe. Clarke last month tweeted news that he was working on a new remix of "Behind the Wheel". Other remixers include New Order’s Bernard Sumner, The Killer's Brandon Flowers, Mark Ronson, The Arcade Fire and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The involvement of both Wilder and Clarke in a new Depeche Mode project is perhaps not surprising after the events of this year, which include Wilder joining DM on stage in London to perform "Somebody", Gore DJ’ing one of Wilder’s Recoil gigs in California, and Clarke re-teaming with Gore to record a dance album.
November 6, 2010

Alan Wilder works on a new Depeche Mode remix

According to, Alan Wilder is working on new mix of some old Depeche Mode song for their upcoming remix album. It is not yet known which song it will be. This year was full of surprises and co-operation. Alan Wilder played with Depeche Mode at the charity concert at London's Royal Albert Hall (02/17), the day after he visited a concert of the Tour of the Universe as a guest (02/18), the official website started a campaign for Alan's new Selected CD (03/02), Martin Gore performed as a guest at Alan's show Santa Ana (10/24) and Dave Gahan visited Alan during his concert in New York City (11/01).
October 29, 2010

Alan will perform at the special music festival of Mute Records

Mute will host 2 days (13-14 May 2011) at London's historic Roundhouse as part of the annual Short Circuit Electronic Music Festival. Featuring performances and unique collaborations from Mute artists past, present and future alongside talks, workshops, screenings and installations, the occasion will celebrate Mute's unique and influential work as a label. Tickets go on sale on Friday 3 December and will include a limited premium ticket, which will give access to both Mute days, entry to an exclusive aftershow party, as well as specifically created Mute objects that will only be available with this ticket. Tickets will be available from The Roundhouse.
October 21, 2010

Another stars on stage with Alan Wilder

Recoil's show in Bogota, Colombia will now be a late performance, as part of an official Recoil/Massive Attack event. This one-off happening will now take place at the changed venue Antiguo Siam and is designed to celebrate both bands being in the same city on the same evening. The event has been officially sanctioned by both artists and promises to be a great combination. Massive Attack will be playing earlier at Coliseo El Campin as part of their Heligoland tour, and that performance will be followed by Recoil's later to allow everyone to come along and enjoy both bands on the same evening! Recoil's show will be everything that it should be but the event will also act as the after-party for Massive Attack - a perfect opportunity for fans of both to get together in celebration. We very much hope that Robert Del Naja, Grant Marshall and the rest of their touring band will be taking part. As with the Gary Numan double bill in Chicago, rather than detract from each other's crowd, we have worked together with the Massive Attack team to ensure that anyone wishing to attend both events will be able to do so. Says Alan "I'm even hoping to see their set myself before heading off to play after. Obviously Massive Attack's audience is very similar to Recoil's and we wouldn't want anyone to miss out on this unique possibility."
October 17, 2010

Official free download: Want – the Architect mixes

Following the release earlier this year of ‘Selected’, Alan decided to commission some extra remixes which are now being made available by Mute absolutely free! 3 new versions of ‘Want’ (featuring Nicole Blackman) have been expertly put together by Architect to form part of a special download package released today. Architect is the creation of German mastermind Daniel Myer. In 1993 he founded the legendary electro-industrial/EBM project Haujobb. Since then he has made a name for himself within the electronic scene and initiated many other projects such as HMB, Newt and Destroid. Since 2007, he has been a permanent member of the renowned Swedish EBM band Covenant. Created in 1998, Architect and can be easily described as the most fascinating of Daniel’s projects. Focusing primarily on minimal techno, powerfully distorted sequences and razor-sharp breakbeats, he manages to create a unique hybrid of electronica with smooth ambient soundscapes, rendering the results suitable for both listening and dancing.
October 7, 2010

Nine Inch Nails member on the stage with Recoil

An extra special guest has been added to the bill at El Rey theatre in Los Angeles. SONOIO (Alessandro Cortini of NIN) will be joining Recoil to play a unique set focusing on his latest album. A former member of Nine Inch Nails who has worked with Ladytron and HEALTH, Cortini is celebrating the release of his self-titled solo effort by making it available in a variety of packages. In a rare offering, fans can buy a digital download of SONOIO, an exclusive EP and a SONOIO a custom-built portable synthesizer designed by Cortini and Scott Jaeger (The Harvestman). There is the chance to download the first four songs from the album for free at Don't forget we also have the DM/Recoil aftershow party with DJ Daniel Barassi. Tickets are going fast for this evening so make sure you snap yours up soon. Here is the full line up for the Los Angeles event which takes place at El Rey on Friday 22nd October: RECOIL, Conjure One, Architect, Sonoio (Alessandro Cortini), After-show party with DJ Daniel Barassi.
September 10, 2010

Apple's PING

iTunes Ping (or just simply Ping) is a software-based, music-oriented social networking and recommender system service developed and operated by Apple. It was announced and launched on 1 September 2010 as part of the tenth major release of iTunes. The service allows users to follow artists and see short timely postings by both friends and artists. Ping is also accessible via iTunes for iPhone and iPod Touch. Just search RECOIL under PING within iTunes (requires version 10.0) and then click ‘follow’ to become part of what we predict will become the fastest growing community on the net. Here you can find out all the latest Recoil news of course, but also share your music taste and recommendations with others, discover what Alan himself is listening to, plus find direct links to all Recoil music, videos & the Recoil AppM. We are sure that this new social networking hub will become a vital addition, and that it won’t be long before PING becomes integrally linked with Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and all other networks.
August 6, 2010

Recoil iPhone App updated

It has taken a while but at last Apple approved the version (2.01) update to Recoil's app and this update is now live. A new 'Event' section has been added plus quite a few other additions. All performance and stability aspects are now much improved too. If you haven't already downloaded it, this new Recoil app (which also works with iPad and iPod touch) provides the most portable way to keep in touch with all the very latest news, including up-to-the-minute updates on the new tour schedule. As well as creating a hub for Recoil's social networking, there is also access to photos, videos, audio, twitter, forum and blog feeds, as well as Alan's concepts behind each of his albums. Designed by un.titled, the app is free and available now from the iTunes store.
July 30, 2010

Radio special feat. Alan Wilder

Back in March, Alan hosted an edition of this popular German radio program (a variation on 'Desert Island discs') which will be aired on Deutschlandfunk - Saturday, August 7th at 10.05-11.00 (MEST). Tune in to hear Alan introduce and talk about some of his favourite artists, including Massive Attack, Henryk Górecki, Brian Eno, Steve Reich, Recoil and more. DLF-UKW-frequencies (Germany only): Deutschlandfunk-Frequenzen, Live-Stream (worldwide), Record every Deutschlandfunk-show: der dradio-Recorder.
July 22, 2010

Recoil & Gary Numan double bill

Some great news, Gary Numan will be joining the Recoil tour for one special show at the Metro in Chicago on October 26th. Gary and his band will be performing his classic "The Pleasure Principle" album in full. Architect also on the bill for this show. Gary Numan (born Gary Anthony James Webb on 8 March 1958) is an English singer, composer, and guitar player, most widely known for his chart-topping hits "Are 'Friends' Electric?" and "Cars", arguably the first British electro song to dent the US charts. His signature sound consisted of heavy synthesizer hooks fed through guitar effects pedals. Gary was called the Godfather of electronic music and was respected by peers who were musicians such as Marilyn Manson, Dave Grohl, Nancy Boy band, and Trent Reznor. With layers of analogue synthesizers and futuristic, dystopian lyrics, The Pleasure Principle's 10 songs are given one-word titles. "The Pleasure Principle" is Gary Numan's most commercially successful album. Aside from bass, percussion and some strings, every instrument is electronic. Numan and his band, Tubeway Army, released a total of 43 albums a 56 singles.
July 21, 2010

Selected Box in details

"Selected box" before its release it got quite a few credits – rare, limited, unique, numbered, signed, deluxe. It was called mysterious (content of the third audio disc and DVD was unknown to the fans), overpriced (due to unbelievable price for delivery) or delayed (initial release date was extended by one month). We can somehow agree with everything, nevertheless one thousand items was out of stock even before release date and Mute Bank proudly announced "Sold out".
July 15, 2010

Recoil iPhone/iPad App

Alan Wilder has announced details of a brand new iPhone App. Available now, the Recoil app allows you to follow Alan’s activities and the fan’s thoughts & musings whilst Recoil is on the road or in the studio. As well as providing a hub for Recoil’s social networking, there is also access to photos, videos, audio and Alan’s concepts behind each of his albums.
July 15, 2010

'Selected Events' 2010 - new dates in USA, Canada & South America

After successful presentations of ‘A Strange Hour’ across Europe and the US, performances which marked the first time Recoil had ventured out of the studio, further dates have been announced in South America, USA and Canada for October and November 2010. Recoil recently played a show in Mexico City and if the response there is anything to go by, this upcoming leg of the tour is going to be a something special. Says Alan "The Mexicans didn't disappoint, and I've been receiving innumerable requests from Argentinians, Chilians, Peruvians, Brazilians and many others in that part of the world for years now, pleading for a visit. I'm really flattered to be asked of course, and looking forward to it finally happening - I know we will have an incredible time in South America. Paul Kendall and I are planning a few changes to the live set with some new films as well." In North America and Canada, Recoil with be joined by Architect as well as Conjure One for some dates. There's also planned a special double bill in Chicago.
June 2, 2010

"Selected" video-stories - Chapter Seven, Part Two

In the second episode of the closing chapter of the video-series Selected we leave A Strange Hour on the New York stage Le Poisson Rouge. Douglas McCarthy who is absent because he wasn't able to arrive because of the constant ash cloud that covered most of Europe, was well replaced by Joe Richardson. Alan came with some very uplifting news, which makes us wonder about the continuation of the series Selected and during the months of October and November we may see more performances in the USA and Canada.
Watch the video here.
June 1, 2010

"Selected" video-stories - Chapter Seven, Part One

Alan Wider left the old continent and we seem him about 50 kilometers northeast of Mexico City in Tejuan, the most religious area in Central America. Together we climb one of the pyramids and we begin to understand why tetotihuacan is described as a strange, magical and holy place which is hidding many secrets and is breathtaking by it's huge size. At the end of the first video we experience a thunderous atmosphere of Alan's performance and we'll be witnesses of an embarassing situation with a fan backstage.
Watch the video here.
June 1, 2010

Alan Wilder celebrates his 51st birthday!

May 7, 2010

"Selected" video-stories - Chapter Six

With eternal thanks to Oliver Thiede for his fast editing skills, now on-line is the latest video update from Recoil on the road - giving you a glimpse into the workings of Eastern Europe and the Russian mentality - for better or worse - and into 'a VERY strange hour' for Alan, Paul and the crew. Somehow though, even without our trusted agent Peddy, we all survived! And we can look back at the tour's best crowds, best vodka, best bootleggers, Donna Summer, Ikea and the greatest learning experiences so far...
Watch the video here.
April 19, 2010

"Selected" video-stories - Chapter Five

In the fifth chapter of the video-series "Selected" we meet Alan at a way station near the Austrian highway. The reason is simple. Planned transport was foiled because of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull specifically its volcanic ash cloud which stopped almost all air traffic above Europe. Every cloud has a silver lining. We can spot Alans'car. If you are curious what music sounds from the radio be sure it is Kraftwerk and their famous hit Tour De France. In short excerpts we move to Budapest and the end of this chapter provides Alan's greeting from Prague.
Watch the video here.
April 5, 2010

"Selected" video-stories - Chapter Four

Another 'Selected' video report is now on-line, this time from the streets of Bucharest. Find out how the shows are going, what happens at Easter in Romania, which tasty treats are on sale at the markets...
Watch the video here.
March 22, 2010

"Selected" video-stories - Chapter Three

Another video-update shows Alan during the build up to the event in Berlin, at the famous Meistersaal. Alan walks around the studio, shows some notorious spots and introduces a couple of guests.
Watch the video here.
March 12, 2010

"Selected" video-stories - Chapter Two

Another "Selected" video report, this time from the streets of Barcelona, is now on-line. Alan talks about tracks from the album, the build up to Recoil's tour and special secret guest for Berlin!
Watch the video here.
March 11, 2010

"Selected" - Signed Exclusive Deluxe Limited Edition Box Set!

New album "Selected" will be realeased also as numbered limited box set. Alan Wilder prepared for Recoil collectors something really special. Basis is double CD edition but the "Selected box" contains a lot of rare material. We also come with detailed information about 4-LP vinyl set. Both editions are numbered and each will be issued only with 1.000 pieces. You can pre-order them now.
March 10, 2010

Commercial video-spot in our way

We just received very interesting e-mail adverted to actual ad campaign for River Park Bratislava - a complex of residences, offices, hotels and shops. The developer is well-know financial group J&T Real Estate. Does it look familiar? We think so. Send us your attitude. We try to contact Alan and get his opinion.
March 9, 2010

"Selected" as limited 4-LP vinyl set

"Selected" will be released also as UK limited edition 4-LP vinyl set. This 4-LP set comprises the 14-track album [pressed on 2LPs] featuring a varied selection of vocalists including Diamanda Galás, Joe Richardson, Douglas McCarthy, Samantha Coerbell, Toni Halliday and Maggie Estep; plus 2 Bonus LPs containing 12 new remixes and alternative versions, chosen and edited together by Alan Wilder and Paul Kendall, who has worked with Wilder for the past 10 years. Recoil's "Selected" album has been set for worldwide release on 19th April 2010. You can pre-order all formats (CD, 2CD, 4LP) in many e-shops right now.
March 3, 2010

Fans project - Recoil Selected TV Archives

A new website called Recoil TV Archives is now on-line. The project is dedicated to Alan's TV interviews and features about Recoil over the years. Some of you may be familiar with DM TV archives and will be aware that the team collect and re-master rare clips to make them available to all. In addition, to coincide with the "Selected" release, TV Archivers team prepared for you a special micro-site where you will be able to watch some old footage concerning Recoil project. First clip is from 1992. German "Tele 5" TV channel broadcast a short special about Alan promoting (that time) new album "Bloodline". Forthcoming DVD is produced by Dentez and Bongmute and engendered with Alan's own permission.
March 3, 2010

"Selected" video-stories

Alan Wilder has initiated a series of YouTube clips centred around the "Selected" live events and forthcoming album, out on Mute - 19th April 2010. Starting on the 12th of March, with 21 dates across Europe, "A Strange Hour" with Alan Wilder & Paul Kendall promises to be a unique experience, with a few surprises along the way, celebrating 25 years of Recoil music. Alan will talk about his plans, how the "Selected" release came about and what is in store for the fans over the next months.
March 2, 2010

Recoil advertisement at

It seems the walls between Depeche Mode and Alan Wilder fell finally down. Official Depeche Mode website on the home page published advertisements for Alan's project and album "Selected". It's first time in history when DepecheMode.COM informs about Recoil. After happenings of last days, a performace in Royal Albert Hall and Alan's visit of Depeche Mode show at O2 Arena, fans can feel that Alan Wilder and DM are again under one roof...
Courtesy of DepecheMode.CZ
February 21, 2010

Alan Wilder at Depeche Mode concert at O2 Arena

Alan Wilder attended concert of Depeche Mode at London O2 Arena three days after his unexpected and fantastic performance with his former band. This time as V.I.P. visitor with unlimited access to the backstage. Alan blogged later on Twitter: "‘Home’ - great vocal Mr Gore. One of his best songs ever."
February 18, 2010

Alan appears on stage with Depeche Mode

15 years, 7 months and 10 days elapsed from the last concert of Depeche Mode Devotional Tour in Indianapolis. Who would have thought then that the joint performance the quartet will have to wait for the whole 5.704 days! And also Andrew Fletcher was missing on the podium, who at the end of the tour had been replaced by Daryl Bamonte. Completely unexpected and very emotional experience came along 5.544 lucky fans yesterday at London Royal Albert Hall, who managed to get tickets at a charity concert, whose proceeds were donated to the fight against cancer in children (A Concert for Teenage Cancer Trust).
February 10, 2010

Recoil "Selected" guest - Olivia Louvel

Alan's special guest at performance in Hamburg (20.3.) And Paris (23.4.) will be Olivia Louvel. Olivia is a French composer and performer, based in England and described in turn as 'digitale diseuse', 'mutant Björk' and 'electronic diva'... Her 4th album 'Doll Divider' is available now as a digital release. Composed by Louvel and mixed by Paul Kendall, the artwork features new photographs taken by Alan Wilder at his home in West Sussex. Alan produced the album "Capture" by duo The Digital Intervention (Olivia Loubel with Paul Kendall) in 2003.
February 3, 2010

"Selected" release date announced

Recoil's 'Selected' album has been set for worldwide release on 19th April 2010. The album features an eclectic mixture of vocalists including Diamanda Galás, Joe Richardson, Douglas McCarthy, Samantha Coerbell, Siobhan Lynch, Toni Halliday, Nicole Blackman , Maggie Estep and Carla Trevaskis.
January 19, 2010

New Nitzer Ebb remix by Alan Wilder

Alan recently remixed a track for the German edition of Nitzer Ebb's new album 'Industrial Complex'. The song is entitled 'I Am Undone' and Alan's remix is featured on a bonus disc, to be included with the album due for release by Major Records on January 22nd.
January 18, 2010

Nitzer Ebb Boxsets

To coincide with Nitzer Ebb supporting Depeche Mode on the final leg of their worldwide tour, Mute release 2 box sets, the 5 CD "Catalogue" (all the Mute albums, That Total Age, Belief, Showtime, Ebbhead and Big Hit) and the 3 CD "Compilation" (Body of Work and Body Rework). The "Catalogue" includes album Ebbhead (1991) originally produced by Alan Wilder and Flood. "Compilation" includes song "Come Alive" mixed by Alan Wilder at Konk Studios (1991).
January 17, 2010

"Selected" official album cover and tracklist

We are very pleased to reveal the official artwork for "Selected" along with the track list. Un.titled were commissioned to produce the designs for this project under the able guidance of Matt Culpin. We are very pleased with what they came up with for the campaign. More artwork will be revealed further into the project. The "Selected" tracks have been carefully edited, where appropriate, by Alan and Paul Kendall and lovingly re-mastered with Simon Heyworth @ Super Audio Mastering.
January 9, 2010

First two dates confirmed!

Recoil will be sharing the bill with Nitzer Ebb for two Spanish dates which have been confirmed as part of the 'Selected' events tour. They are:
12.03.2010: Barcelona, Sala Apolo
13.03.2010: Madrid, Sala Macumba
"To avoid confusion" says Alan, "it's important to stress that what's planned is a presentation of Recoil, not a concert. These two Spanish dates are a kind of pre-tour testing ground given that this is the first time Recoil has been taken out of the studio in any shape or form." Further Recoil dates will be announced very soon.

Courtesy of Shunt

January 5, 2010

New Recoil album & Event tour!

Recoil is set to release an album in the Spring of 2010 entitled 'Selected'. The exact date is still to be confirmed but it will most likely be in April or May. This release is a selection of classic Recoil tracks chosen by Alan Wilder who says: "The collection is made up of my personal favourites, remastered and edited together into what I consider a cohesive and total listening experience."
December 2, 2009

Alan at the screening of "The Posters Came from the Walls"

Alan Wilder took part in a question and answer session with the filmmakers and audience at the Clapham Picturehouse on December 1st, 2009. The movie is about the hardcore fans of the band, and the film crew went to Los Angeles, Mexico, Iran and other countries to find fans whose lives are heavily influenced by the band. Alan (of course) soon got a question about working with Depeche Mode again. After the film "The Posters Came from the Walls" everybody went to the bar where Alan was the life and soul of the party, signing autographs, chatting with everyone and posing for pictures.
November 25, 2009

Alan will be attending the screening of the document about Depeche Mode fans

Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller and collaborator Nicholas Abrahams explore the trans formative power of music through stories of faith and devotion from Depeche Mode fans across the globe. "The Posters Came from the Walls" (with additional title "How Basildon ended the Cold War and other stories") is not about Depeche Mode. It is about fans. Some people are fans. Some are super fans. Some are obsessed. 'The Posters Came from the Walls' explores fandom in its wildest incarnations. The film seems at first to just be about extreme fans who seem just a little nuts. One Russian woman has intricate bead mosaics of band members and a beautifully drawn comic diary depicting her humorous vision of the band’s life. One young California woman watches video of a concert and excitedly points out the moment when Dave Gahan blows her a kiss. A man in New York has license plates that read “DEPECHE” and around 500 Depeche t-shirts. Humorous and interesting, but not significant.
June 1, 2009

Alan Wilder celebrates his 50th birthday!

May 27, 2009

Recoil now on Twitter

After successfull using MySpace and Facebook Alan Wilder comes up to Twitter network. Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users' updates known as tweets. Twitter has almost 5 million users and is ranked Twitter as the third most used social network (Facebook being the largest, followed by MySpace). The most followed prominent user is Ashton Kutcher, the first Twitter user to reach the 1 million follower mark. For Twitter users two very important addresses: and
January 20, 2009

New Recoil confirmed!

As it seems, we revealed Alan's new announcement earlier than we were supposed to. Today we received Alan's press release about the new version of his Facebook profile and the confirmation of working on his new music material. Alan was always a sympathizer of new technologies. Perhaps it is not surprising that, instead of the old static website, he uses channels like MySpace, YouTube, or already mentioned Facebook for a communication with fans, instead of the old static website. Whether you are familiar with with portals like these or not, the great news is that we can look forward to brand new Recoil stuff.
January 16, 2009

Alan Wilder is working on new material

Alan Wilder announced at his Facebook profile great news just on the beginning of new year. Mr. Recoil is working on new material at his music studio Thin Line. There's no additional information about the new stuff so we can only guess if he is working on the whole new album. The last studio album subHuman was released 17 months ago. Alan still hasn't confirmed this information at the official Recoil website Shunt or his MySpace profile.
December 8, 2008

Santa Claus came earlier

As we announced before you can download brand new mix of 'Prey' from Shunt, the official Recoil Website. New version is called 'Shotgun mix' and is remixed by David Husser. After free registration you will receive straight links to music files by e-mail. Our previous information was inexactitude. The Shotgun mix is available in several formats - .wav (57.8 MB), .flac (37.2 MB), .m4a for Apple (37.7 MB) and classic AAC .m4a in 320 kbs (13.1 MB). Each Christmas box has commensurate packing paper. Therefore Alan Wilder prepared also CD cover in 300 DPI resolution for a free download!
November 24, 2008

Recoil music in the new video game 'Need For Speed Undercover'

The new computer game 'Need For Speed - Undercover' was released on November 20th, and three Recoil tracks have been included in the soundtrack. Sequences appear from 'Shunt', 'Vertigen' and 'Want'. 'Undercover' is the 12th release of the popular racing video game series 'Need For Speed', developed by EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts. It is released on PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Wii and other games consoles.
November 21, 2008

Special Xmas gift for all fans

Brand new bonus mix of 'Prey' will be downloadable as Christmas gift since December 8th at Shunt - the official Recoil website. This new version is approved by Alan Wilder and re-mixed by David Husser. David, a Frenchman, was recommended by Paul Kendall and came to work at The Thin Line earlier this year. It will be available to download from Shunt - the Official Recoil website. This is what PK has to say about David:
September 16, 2008

The Prague '07 movie

Since the Alan’s visit in Czech Republic within the framework of promo tour to the new album ‘subHuman’ has been elapsing more than one year. Though this unique event remains permanently written up in hearts of all fans. Now you can refresh your memories by short video, which Amigo, the main organizer of whole event, prepared. Enjoy the atmosphere of the night which ruled in Retro club in Prague once again and take a look at all that had been waiting for you from Alan’s arrival to his last minutes on the Czech soil. The short document contains takes from press conference, radio interviews, meeting with fans at the hotel and of course the party too. Video is genuine professional document, which is worth seeing due to its high artistic quality. You can watch the movie at the official Recoil website Shunt.
Go to Audio/Visual -> Film.
September 15, 2008

Shunt - The Official Recoil Website in Version 3.0

Shunt, the official Recoil websites evoked school training of beginner course of web production for a long time. The situation has gone so far that Alan Wilder had to present his promo to his last album 'suBhuman' through the MySpace service. Nowadays, the situation is getting better. The website set off in version 3.0. Don’t expect any technical news and the most modern technologies. Everything is build on HTML by using several Flash supplements. There is beauty in simplicity. Shunt is back and will be update with news and other new features.
June 1, 2008

Alan Wilder celebrates his 49th birthday!

April 2, 2008

Prey/Allelujah is sold out

All planned stock of special release of Prey/Allelujah is sold out. Alan Wilder would like once again to thank Oksana Strizhakova from Gala Records and Konstantin Zavodnik for all their hard work on this initiative, along with everyone else who was involved. And a big thumbs up to everybody who braved the payment systems and ordered the disc. We hope you enjoy this collector's item. Anybody who still hasn't received their disc, be patient, they are all being mailed out as fast as possible.
February 8, 2008

'Prey/Allelujah' release party

'Prey/Allelujah' release party is preparing to Moscow. the event is planned to February 29th at well-known music club Strangel where Alan met Russian fans in December. The main theme of party is a release of new enhanced CD single 'Prey/Allelujah'. Visitors can look forward to Recoil videos projections including brand new videoclip of 'Allelujah', video from the 'subHuman' release party with Alan Wilder himself, 'Prey' single presentation and various contests. Entertainment will be provided by DJs Extra (22:00 p.m.), O.K. (0:00 a.m.) a Z@lex (2:30 a.m.). At the club, there will be an opportunity to purchase the CD single directly without having to pre-order via Doors open at 21.00.
February 1, 2008

'Prey'/'Allelujah' - Enhanced CD release!

Alan Wilder is pleased to announce, due to popular demand, a limited edition CD release of 'Prey'/'Allelujah' on 25th February 2008. This enhanced CD package includes 'Prey' mixes, the reduction mix of 'Allelujah' plus a never-before-seen film for 'Allelujah', directed by Dmitry Semenov. It will also be accompanied by an exclusive downloadable booklet featuring video stills, 'subHuman' art and commentary from Alan Wilder, Hepzibah Sessa and Dmitry Semenov.
January 21, 2008

The Prey video is in the final of festival

As we informed you in last summer The Radar Festival discovers and promotes talented video directors from across the world. Mute Records and Alan Wilder agreed with use of 'Prey' for the competition. The Radar Festival contest came to its final round where compete 19 various motion pictures. One of them is referred 'Prey' video by 32 years old director Mike P. A. Mateescu from Switzerland. You can watch the video at Dazed Digital website. List of all final-movies is here.
January 4, 2008

Interview for Swedish radio

Brand new Alan Wilder's interview was broadcasted in Swedish radio P2 (Monitor) on January 2nd, 2008. One-hour lasting program is available at the Monitor's website. You can choose between Real Audio or Windows Media format. And the tip - the site player better works in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox has some problems with it.
December 28, 2007

subHuman is the best electronic album

Alan Wilder's "subHuman" album won the IGN award for "The Best Electronic Album of 2007". IGN says: "The result [subHuman] is a mutated expansion of blues, folk, and electronic music that is rendered in a mesmerizing and progressive manner. To wit none of the tracks on the album are shorter than 7-minutes in length." IGN (Imagine Games Network) is a multimedia news, and reviews website that focuses heavily on video games. It claims to be one of the top 200 most-visited sites on the net.
Courtesy of, special thanks to Mr. Numanoid
December 11, 2007

Autograph session in Moscow - UPDATE

Better later than never we finally come with a short report from Alan’s visit of Moscow. Russian fans had a chance to meet Alan Wilder in Muscovite Soyuz music store. In the following article you will find personal impressions from this meeting and links to several photo galleries and video shots. Many thanks to Tanya for the reportage and Anna for a translation.
November 9, 2007

Alan in Moscow – confirmed

We just receive a newsletter from a Shunt team with a confirmation of Alan‘s visit in Moscow. There’s an official statement: Following the great success of the summer events in Berlin and Prague, we are again celebrating the release of 'subHuman' with a party on December 1st at the club Strangel in Moscow, Ryazansky prosp. 2b. Doors open at 21.00. Alan Wilder will be making a special appearance to sign your items and chat with as many people as possible. The evening will feature music courtesy of various DJs and some local live acts, video projection and competitions. While in Moscow, amongst other things, he will also be visiting key radio stations ('Echo of Moscow', 'Silver Rain') and making a record store appearance at Soyus one of the largest chains in Russia.
November 8, 2007

The third party with Alan Wilder

Alan Wilder will join the Recoil party in Muscovite Strangel Club on December 1st. It's the third meeting with Mr. Recoil during his subHuman promo tour.
More info at the website.
October 19, 2007

Report: Alan Wilder in Prague

Most fans viewed Alan's visit to Prague merely in connection with the Recoil party at the Retro Music Hall club. However, as Mr. Recoil spent nearly a week here in Prague, we would now like to offer you a short report on his stay.
October 8, 2007

New Recoil T-shirts

Alan Wilder announced a new line in Recoil t-shirts for those fans who want to wear their allegiance on their sleeve. The designs have been overseen by Alan Wilder in conjunction with Jesse Holborn @ Holborn Design and co-ordinated by Roland Brown through Slipstream Merchandise. You can order the t-shirts here:
October 1, 2007

Alan Wilder in Prague: report in progress

We are working on comprehensive reportage from Alan's visit in Prague. If you got any photos with Alan or Hep or you have some shots from the Saturday's party, please, share them with the others. Contact me at We also would like receive your personal comments and experiences.
October 1, 2007

The Killing Ground" remix by The Slips

British music band The Slips published new Recoil remix of the song The Killing Ground from the subHuman album at their website. You can listen and download the whole track at
September 19, 2007

Win free tickets and meet Alan Wilder

Time passes quickly and Alan‘s arrival comes near. Now you have the last chance to win free tickets for the Recoil Party (September 29th) in Music Retro Hall, Prague.
Enter the contest here.
August 24, 2007

Alan Wilder in Prague

Christmas comes early for all Czech Recoil fans. Alan Wilder with Hepzibah Sessa will join the party taken in the Retro Music Hall on September 29th. Right now you can order the tickets (200 CZK = 7,50 EUR). Advance booking ends on September 17th. More details at the micro-site.
August 8, 2007

Contest: Win signed subHuman album!

Together with Mute UK, EMI CZ and the DepecheMode.CZ website we prepare special Recoil contest. Answer three simple questions or find the correct answers on this site and win subHuman album signed by Alan Wilder or another attractive prizes!
August 6, 2007

Report: subHuman party with Alan Wilder in Berlin

I informed you few weeks ago about upcoming subHuman release party with Alan Wilder himself in Berlin. What I didn’t tell you that was the fact I received also one invitation. And because isn’t only my work I asked for other admissions for my colleagues. In the D-Day, August 3rd, we departed to Berlin. In front of the White Trash club we found tens of fans from almost all part of Germany. Except us we met also one crew from Poland.
August 5, 2007

Recoil party in Budapest

We would like to invite you to Hungarian Recoil party. The party takes place on August 24th and it's organized by team. Right now you can watch the video-invitation by Alan Wilder at the Freestate website. There's planned wide Recoil tombola on the party and another Alna's video-greeting.
August 1, 2007

The first scan of 'subHuman' article

The first scan of 'subHuman' article finally added to the gallery. Since I still don't have the July issue of Side-Line magazine No. 59 (with large interview with Alan Wilder and Joe Richardson) the 'articles from newspapers and magazines' section was widened right now, almost one month after the official 'subHuman' release. Sad to say public press (especially here in the Czech republic) ignores this significant event. It's not a surprise the first article comes from German music magazine. In the 'Melodie & Rhythmus' 07/2007 you can find one-page interview with Mr. Wilder with large actual photo. If you know about any other articles or interview, please, let me know.
Go to articles from newspapers and magazines
July 25, 2007

subHuman release party report

As we annouced before, July 9th was the day of "subHuman" release party taken in Prague club XT3. Very cosy Žižkov's club welcomed just about 20-30 fans, who came mostly from farther cities. Regrettably, party was planned at beginning of holliday and in addition it was very heavy raining which caused lesser attendance then was supposed to. DJ Amigo guided all night, he scrambled very nice and agile Recoil DJ set. Before end of evening, there was a Recoil contest which was very expected. In the competition were gave out two "subHuman" albums with Alan's sign. For other lucky fans there were limited edition CD+DVD, official T-shirts and double vinyl "subHuman".
July 25, 2007

subHuman in NTSC for fans in USA & Canada

Finally, there's good news for the USA fans as well, the US Release of "subHuman" will be available as a CD + DVD package in the North American NTSC format when it is released on August 14th.
Courtesy of Side-Line
July 25, 2007

Alan Wilder soon in Berlin

Alan Wilder will join "subHuman" release party in Berlin. The event is organised by Mute Records including the attendance of Alan Wilder and even his wife Hepzibah Sessa. This party will take place on 3rd August 2007 at "White Trash" music club (Diamond Lounge, Schönhauser Allee 6-7). All 300 tickets (6 Euros) were sold out in few minutes.
July 6, 2007

Prey promotional video

Recoil and Mute Records are partnering with the Radar Festival for a contest to find a promotional video for 'Prey', the first single taken from the Recoil album "subHuman". The Radar Festival discovers and promotes new music video director talent from across the world. The contest is open to all aspiring directors across the world. Everyone who enters can use their promo with soundtrack for their showreel and to enter festivals. For directors who are selected as winners, there are over 20 prizes, of ?1k cash, commissions and mentoring from 'world class' production companies. To find out more about making a promo for Recoil's "Prey" and about the cash and commissioning prizes available, visit Radar Festival website.
Courtesy of Side-Line
July 3, 2007

The live chat with Alan Wilder

Alan Wilder attended the on-line listening party of new album "subHuman" and consequential chat with Recoil fans. The "listening" part of the night occured as live video stream with commentary by Alan Wilder himself. The second part of eventide Alan angaged with classic on-line chat.
Courtesy of Depeche Mode CZ
July 2, 2007

Side-Line contest: 10 free copies subHuman

In collaboration with EMI Belgium, Side-Line gives away 10 copies of "subHuman", the newest album by Recoil, the soloproject of ex-Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder. How can you win one of these? Simple, visit this Side-Line website, click on the video and follow the instructions Alan Wilder is giving you! And that's not all, you can now read an extensive and exclusive interview with both Alan Wilder and main guestvocalist Joe Richardson at the Side-Line.
Courtesy of Side-Line
June 29, 2007

Join in the chat with Alan Wilder

The Recoil machinery is going full speed. With the imminent release of Recoil's 5th studio album "subHuman" on July 9th, Shunt - the oficial Recoil website now announces a live chat session with Alan Wilder on July 2nd at 7PM GMT. At the same time you'll be able to join an exclusive listening session of the complete album. In order to be part of this chat session, sign up here. According to Shunt, the official Recoil website, Alan Wilder will be on hand providing video commentary between tracks as well as answering questions about the album. A unique event for every Recoil fan, so do not miss out on this one! It's necessary to register on this website.
Courtesy of Side-Line
June 26, 2007

"Prey" download single available now

Available from today on via iTunes is the Recoil single "Prey". "Prey" will be available as download only, except for a 7" version which includes the Reduction and single edit of "Prey". The latter is quite a lot shorter than the original version which made us ask Alan Wilder if this wasn't too drastic. This is what Alan Wilder replied:
"Prey is like 8 minutes long and I had to cut it down to around 3 minutes 50, so you can imagine it's quite a drastic edit. There's not much left, no (laughs). Seriously, it was not as difficult as I thought to get it trimmed down."
In a video message which was posted on YouTube Alan Wilder also explains the choice for a digital download instead of a physical single. Good to now though is that the download single will be available as both standard 128 kbps AAC and as iTunes new, DRM-free 256 kbps files.
Watch the new videomessage here.
Courtesy of Side-Line
June 25, 2007

50 signed copies of subHuman wait for new owners

Mute Bank has 50 copies of subHuman (regular CD) signed by Alan Wilder and to have the chance of receiving one simply place a pre-order at RecordStore. They will be added to pre-orders selected on a random basis so the date of order isn't important! There's also brand new official Recoil T-shirt. Navy blue tee featuring the Recoil subHuman logo in orange. his T-Shirt is available exclusively with the subHuman album bundles and can not be purchased separately.
June 25, 2007

subHuman release party in Prague

Official subHuman release party will take place in Prague, Czech republic in the XT3 club. Party starts at 8 p.m. and Mute Records gives signed promo copies by Alan Wilder himself for fan-contest.
June 20, 2007

Song "99 to life" based on real tragedy

The track "99 to life" to be found on the upcoming Recoil album "subHuman" is not holding just a random text. "99 To Life", actually the term used to describe the maximum Jail sentence handed out, short of the death penalty, is based on a real story says Richardson when speaking to Side-Line: "It's about one of my closest friends. Sent to prison here in TX, after killing 3 men in a gunfight. It was actually self-defense, but they were white and he was Hispanic, and it was a long time ago, when we were young and dumb!" A full interview with both Alan Wilder and Joe Richardson will be released in Side-Line 59.
Courtesy of Side-Line
June 15, 2007

Dates of release for North America

Fans from the United States and Canada will have to wait for new Recoil album subHuman more than in Europa. The single Prey will be released only as digital download on July 17th. New album subHuman will be available in all formats CD, DLX CD/DVD, 2LP on August 14th.
June 7, 2007

Recoil iTunes digital bundle out on July 9th

The digital bundle, holding all Recoil albums will be released on July 9th. Earlier on, you will be able to download the "Prey" single on June 25th. Each album will be available in both the standard 128 kbps AAC as well as the new higher quality 256 kbps, DRM-free encoding which allows playback on an iPod, other digital music players, or an unlimited number of computers. Each Recoil studio album will be available on a track-by-track basis or as a deluxe package including all the singles, B-sides and remixes.
June 1, 2007

Alan Wilder celebrates his 48th birthday!

May 31, 2007

New single Prey out 25th June

Alan Wilder returns with a brand new Recoil single, 'Prey', on 25th June 2007. The single, released on 7" and download precedes 'subHuman', the 5th studio album out on Mute on 9th July 2007. The limited 7" comes backed with 'Prey – Reduction edit'.
7" - Mute372: Prey (Single Version Edit), Prey (Reduction Edit)
Download 1-track Single – iMute372: Prey (Single Version Edit)
Download Single – LiMute372: Prey (Single Version), Prey (Radio Edit), Prey (Reduction), Prey (Album version)
Courtesy of Recoil's blog
May 11, 2007

Recoil 'subHuman' tracklist revealed

Here is the tracklist for Alan Wilder’s new Recoil album, “subHuman”, out on Mute Records on July 6th. The album will be available on CD, CD/DVD, and a 2 LP gatefold vinyl. The details for the new Recoil album are slowly, but surely starting to come in. The cover art and tracklist revelald this week already with plenty of more details coming soon.
“subHuman” tracklist:
1. Prey, 2. Allelujah, 3. 5000 Years, 4. The Killing Ground, 5. Intruders, 6. 99 To Life, 7. Backslider
Courtesy of Home - a Depeche Mode website
May 4, 2007

New video with preview of new track

In a second video message on YouTube, Alan Wilder has offered a first preview of a track taken from the new upcoming Recoil album "subHuman". The track, titled "Pray", holds guestvocals by Joe Richardson, leadsinger of The Joe Richardson Express, and will be available as a special singleedit. The song itself is a good example of the electro blues Recoil has become famous for and holds a close sonic resemblance to his work on the 1997 Recoil album "Unsound methods". "subHuman" has been mastered by Simon Heyworth of the Devon based company Super Audio Mastering (the studio responsible for re-mastering the Depeche Mode backcatalogue) while Alan Wilder and PK (Paul Kendall) worked on the 5.1 Surround Sound version. This 5.1 Surround Sound version will be included on a special collector's DVD package holding an enhanced stereo CD, the 5.1 Surround Sound version and an exclusive ambient re-working of the entire album next to all the Recoil videos to date.

Watch to the full interview here.
Courtesy of Side-Line
April 26, 2007

Who is Joe Richardson

Joe Richardson was born in southern Louisiana's Atchafalaya River Delta, playing has been a way of life from an early age. At the age of 6 his grandfather gave him a guitar from a pawn shop, and he taught himself to play. Learning quickly and putting in untold hours of practice made it possible for Joe to start playing the clubs of south Louisiana at the young age of 13! Years of stage experience in many varied types of musical genres has allowed him to develop his unique and rather unorthodox style of writing and playing. Submerging himself totally in his music is what drives and has driven his very existence for as long as he can remember. A versatile veteran, he also plays fiddle and steel guitar.
April 16, 2007

New Recoil album is titled subHuman

New Recoil album titled „subHuman“ is planned to be released on July, 9. The new album is more politicized then the earlier ones (Hydrology, Bloodline, Unsound Methods, Liquid). It‘s a kind of reflections about the anti-humane side of mandkind which is responsible for international terror, hate and enmity.
February 5, 2007

New Recoil material confirmed by Mute informant

Clara P. Andy, collaborator of Mute Records, visited Alan in his Thin Line studio. Mr. Wilder presented three new extra songs from upcoming album. All songs were played in 5.1 sound format. We can presume new recoil release on SACD or another media of new generation.
Courtesy of Mute's MySpace Blog
October 20, 2006

Brand new video message from Alan Wilder

Alan Wilder is back, he's back in his studio and he works on new material. Brand new interview with Alan Wilder is available on YouTube. There'are interesting news in Alan's announcement. He has been working on the new Recoil album since October 2005, in January 2006 he started to write music again. In April 2006 Alan did put down material for about 8 tracks and started to look around for singers. In the search for singers he came across a blues singer from Austin Texas, and later he got hold of Poul Kendell. Later on Poul Kendell and Alan Wilder got back to Texas and recorded for about a week with the bluse singer. In September 2006 they started to mix the album and Alan wilder will introduce a female vocalist to balance out what the male singer has done. They expect the mixing to finish up around Christmas 2006 and the release of the album should be in the late spring or early summer, and the album is still untitled. Alan Wilder assumes the realease of new album in 5.1 format.
Watch to the full interview here.
Courtesy of Depeche Mode DK
July 31, 2006

Douglas McCarthy about new Recoil

Nitzer Ebb are on their world Body Of Work Tour with their promoting upcoming compilation of best singles and remixes Body Of Work 1984-1997, set to release on June 2nd via Mute/EMI. Douglas McCarthy and Bon Harris answered the questions of Russian magazine Shout one day before their Muscovite concert in the Gorod music club on July 19th. One of the question headed to Alan Wilder and Recoil.
Shout: Doug, are you involved in new Recoil album?
Douglas McCarthy: I saw Alan (Wilder) actually last week or a week before... I can't tell too much... he decided to do the similar approach of work with different singers, and he went to America to work with one particular singer, and it worked so well, it ended up being more or less an album, album around one performer, I think there is room maybe for one other performer, I think it's gonna be a woman, because he is used to this guy. The quality of Alan's work is outstanding!
Courtesy of Shout
June 6, 2006

Alan returns to the studio - definitively confirmed

Alan is currently in his Thin Line studio working on new Recoil material. The project is progressing well although it is unlikely that a release date will be announced this year.
The Shunt website is undergoing a significant re-design. During this process Shunt will continue to communicate news about Recoil and the new album via the existing site, however some sections of the site may become temporarily unavailable.
Courtesy of Shunt
June 1, 2006

Alan Wilder celebrates his 47th birthday!

November 8, 2005

Olivia Loubel live and solo

Today evening will take place corporate concert of Plastic Operator, Olivia Loubel, Lips and Sing-Sing at Notting Hill Arts Club, London. Olivia Loubel is presented as "french electro chanteuse produced by ex-Depeche Mode synth genius Alan Wilder". Alan Wilder produced the album "Capture" by duo The Digital Intervention (Olivia Loubel with Paul Kendall) two years ago.
Courtesy of University of Westminster & Plastic Operator website
October 19, 2005

Martin Gore says: "Alan is in the studio"

Martin Gore confirmed glad tidings about Alan's work in the studio. In the exclusive interview for Czech magazine Tyden (Week) he said "Alan wants to return back to the music. He is already well-rested and wants to release new record". Andy Fletcher was evidently astonished by this information. "Really? Why I haven't heard about that?" asked Martin during the interview.
September 15, 2005

New Alan's project confirmed

5 years after Alan Wilder's last solo album, the highly acclaimed "Liquid" CD released under the Recoil moniker in March 2000, the former Depeche Mode member has confirmed to Side-Line that he will start up his studiowork again this year. The very last material by the hand of Alan Wilder was the additional production on Paul Kendall’s "Capture" album (namely on the track "Coma Idyllique") out on 0101 records under the name of The Digital Intervention. As the last interview with Alan Wilder in March 2004 shows, Wilder - who is responsible for the captivating sound on a string of Depeche Mode hits - has been enjoying the past few years spending time with his family and taking a break from the music business. Wilder: "I've been enjoying all the things I never seemed to have time for when I was in the studio. They include travelling, re-kindling relationships with other members of the Wilder family, spending time with my kids and helping with their upbringing, spending time with Hep and taking her out occasionally, building a new glass courtyard, entertaining friends, playing tennis, walking, watching cricket, decorating, and drinking Campari while enjoying the best English summer we've had for a century." Wilder plans to start work again this autumn. The Recoil website Shunt will feature information regarding forthcoming releases etc on due time. In the meantime, Dave Gahan confirmed colleagues from D-Side that Alan Wilder wants to rework several songs from Depeche Mode, in particular titles from "Songs of faith and devotion" and "Violator", in the light of new technology such as suround sound and 5.1 mix sound. It adds up to what we reported a few months ago, namingly that Mute has plans to reissue the band's back catalogue with "101" being a first test.
The complete article is taken from Side-Line
September 1, 2005

Alan Wilder back in the studio?

Last week Swiss Depeche Mode fan-website brought the information about upcoming Alan's return to the studio. According to this news Alan should start produce his new album in autumn. The official Recoil website doesn't confirm this message.
Today was the news report also publish at Recoil German pages which are accredit variant of the official website. In compliance with their exclusive information are the Swiss news truthful and all fans can look forward to new music material.
Courtesy of DepecheMode.CH & AlanWilder.DE
June 1, 2005

Alan Wilder celebrates his 46th birthday!

May 26, 2005

Alan Wilder is still tired of the music business

Douglas McCarthy says in a interview with Zero's Stefan Albinsson that Alan Wilder chosen to turn down to produce Fixmer McCarthy's upcomming album. Douglas explains that Mr. Wilder is so tired of the music business that he will leave that part of his life behind. Unfortunately would that mean that Alan's project Recoil not will release any new material in the near future.
Douglas revealed though that a new Fixmer/McCarthy album is coming 2006.
Courtesy of Side-Line
June 1, 2004

Alan Wilder celebrates his 45th birthday!

December 9, 2003

Alan Wilder exclusively interview in Side-Line

The whereabouts of Alan Wilder must have been one of the hottest topics on the Depeche Mode webboards around the world for the past three years. Late November 2003 Side-Line was given the opportunity to have an interview with the man who was not only responsible for topnotch productions of his own project Recoil, but also for the sound we know from such classic Depeche Mode albums as "Black Celebration", "Music For the Masses", "Violator" or yet "Songs of Faith and Devotion" to name just a few. After his most recent solo album "Liquid" (2000) under the Recoil moniker it became quiet around Alan Wilder. He now breaks the silence in an exclusive interview for Side-Line in which he talks about his current passions, his work with Paul Kendall aka PK on the recently released “Capture” album by The Digital Intervention (a new project by Paul kendall and Olivia Louve), Mute and last but not least, the future of Recoil. Out in early January, you can pre-order this issue right now in the Side-Line shop.
Courtesy of Side-Line
November 11, 2003

More info about Capture

Read the story about the project and info about Paul Kendall and Olivia Louvel at The Parallel Series.
October 31, 2003

Alan Wilder works on Paul Kendall album

"Capture", the brand new release by former Mute artist Paul Kendall and Olivia Louvel under the The Digital Intervention moniker will feature arrangements by Alan Wilder so the German Alan Wilder fansite announced. It's the first appearance of Alan Wilder in musicland since Recoil's highly acclaimed "Liquid" (2000) album. A few days work at the idylic studio of Alan Wilder bore the fruits for Alan's string arrangement on the track "Coma Idyllique". The track will appear on "Capture" which will see a release on the 0101 label after seeing 4 releases of the The Parallel Series on Mute.
Courtesy of Side-Line
October 31, 2003

Alan Wilder visited the concert of Dave Gahan

Dave Gahan continues his "Paper Monsters Tour". During the third leg he came to London's Carling Hammersmith Apollo (October 29th). This concert had one special guest. After long months of silence, but unfortunately not on the stage, Alan Charles Wilder appeared backstage. Alan willingly talked to the fans. One of these lucky people was Chris Myatt.
August 4, 2003

Martin Gore sang a part of Recoil song

The curly-top Martin Gore changed the lyrics of In your Room during his solo concert in Myan (Los Angeles) on May 7th. At the end of the song, when Peter Gordeno was playing the last chords, Martin was singing the chorus of Control Freak You’re all I need to get high. Control Freak is from album Unsound Methods and it's written by Alan Wilder and Maggie Estep. Original vocals are also by Maggie Estep.
You can here download this rare part here.
Discuss about it
June 1, 2003

Alan Wilder celebrates his 44th birthday!

April 30, 2003

Dave Gahan recalls Alan Wilder

The future of Depeche Mode has been questioned by Dave Gahan during an interview with the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet. In the interview Gahan is quoted saying that his relation with composer Martin Gore is rather difficult due to Gore limiting Gahan's musical input: "My frustration has been growing over a long period of years. I have always felt that I've deceived myself - that I ought to have more influence. The reason why I haven't is both that I haven't been aggressive enough towards Martin, but also because I know that he simply isn't susceptible to advices and ideas of any kind." Gahan furthermore says that the band will get together later on this year to talk things through: "We will probably have a talk sometime next year, but there are no guarantees that we will make another record." In the chat Gahan also insists that Gore's lack of openness was the main reason that the creative sound arcitect of the group, Alan Wilder, left the band. Gahan: "Martin wouldn't acknowledge that Alan contributed incredibly much to Martin's songs. And now I think you can easily say Alan's input is missed. I actually think that even Martin would admit that today. And that is something he probably ought to call and tell Alan after all these years. He would definately appreciate it." The interview turns rather hilarious when Gahan talks about how producer Mark Bell was faced with the "Exciter" material and Gore's apathy towards production: "Our producer on 'Exciter', Mark Bell, said that he really wouldn't make the entire album for us. So then i had to tell him some news: "Yes you f'u'c'king are!". And then he just pulled up his sleeves and went to work with the computer and Martin would look him over the shoulder and mumble "o.k."
Courtesy of Side-Line
January 14, 2003

New Recoil album???

We found the message about upcoming new Recoil album on polish unofficial Depeche Mode website Shame. The new LP should be scheduled to autumn of this year. Shunt and Side-Line don't report this event so this announcement is unconfirmed!
January 12, 2003

Stalker - Recoil.CZ special: bootleg "Unsound Liquid"

The Sound-wave section of this site went through large charges. We're proud to announce first release and provision new Belgian Recoil bootleg called "Unsound Liquid". You'll find each week new song from this album here. For more info visit Download.
June 1, 2002

Alan Wilder celebrates his 43rd birthday!

May 10, 2002

Mute sold to EMI

Mute is no longer an independent label. EMI have announced today that they have acquired Mute, one of Europe’s leading independent record companies, with an artist roster that includes Recoil, Depeche Mode, Moby and many more indie acts. With the acquisition EMI is extending an existing licensing relationship that Mute has had with EMI’s Virgin Records for over 15 years. Founded in London in 1978 by Daniel Miller, Mute has consistently been at the forefront of artist development. Miller, executive chairman of Mute, will continue to be responsible for all of the company’s global activities. EMI will pay 23 million UK pounds for Mute, plus up to 19 million UK pounds of potential performance-related payments, over a period of four years. The take-over did not really come as a surprise, in previous interviews Miller already argumented that joining up with a major would be one of the most logical decisions for the near future.
April 30, 2002

The Curve finish work on new album

The new record for UK band The Curve has been recorded and mixed. "Alan is busy mastering editing and compiling and should have finished masters by the end of this week", the band reports. The album is called "The New Adventures of Curve" and features 7 new songs along with two new re recordings of "Superblaster" and "Recovery" both of which are very different from the originals. Also included is a remix from Deepsky. The New Adventures will be available as a limited edition web release exclusively from MNS, Side-Line's e-partner. There will only be a small number pressed so be sure to get your order in. The web release should be available in 6 weeks time possibly sooner depending on turnaround times at the pressing plant
Courtesy of Side-Line
April 10, 2002

Alan and Dave back together?

In a serie of 10 interviews conducted by Depeche Mode singer David Gahan on March 6th, 2002, Gahan says that his solo effort might see a release in March 2003. Although yet untitled, the album most likely will be named after New York City, as a tribute to the terrorist attacks so is believed. With 15 songs demoed so far Dave Gahan is openly solicitating for Alan Wilder's help, though the latter one told Side-Line a few months back that no plans have been set so far. The album will be, as was announced a few months back, less electronic with an emphasis on jazz, blues and rock. Again elements that are not such a surprise considering Gahan is no longer enchanted by electronics. The interviews also confirm he will be touring and that he will also play Depeche Mode songs during the gigs.
Courtesy of Side-Line
April 9, 2002

Musical world is sad

Frank Tovey (known as Fad Gadget) has died in London in his house on wednesday April 3rd. Initial reports suggest he suffered a stroke, Mute however says in a statement Frank Tovey died of heart failure. Frank had suffered from heart problems since his childhood. Daniel Miller (the head of Mute Records): "Frank was the first artist I ever worked with on Mute, he made some very special and influential records and was an exceptional live performer. Frank played a big part in helping to lay the foundations of what the label was to become in the ensuing years, I will miss him greatly." Alan: "I didn't really know Frank very well but being label-mates, I inevitably bumped into him on occasion and, like everyone else who ever met Frank, discovered him to be, in reality, totally opposite to his stage persona - ie: warm, funny and gentle. As an artist, he was hugely underrated and without doubt his influence on, not least, DM will always be fondly remembered by me in the form of regular impersonations (notably 'Ricky's Hand') as performed with convincing swagger by a certain David Gahan. To hear of his early demise was sad news indeed."
March 12, 2002

Alan takes a break

It's quiet from Recoil at the moment. Alan Wilder is taking a musical break in the moment. Alan: It's a quiet time for me musically, to be honest. Don't expect too much for a while. I'm just taking a long break from it all. I have been offered a few film projects but nothing so far that I'm inclined to really get involved in.
February 15, 2002

Recoil influences on new Delta Dream track

Delta Dreams have a new track coming up, entitled "Remembrance". This new collaboration features the words and vocals by JaneErik vocalist Bex with Q in charge of music production . In a reaction the band says: "There is somewhat of a departure in Delta Dreams sound but fans will hopefully find the production refreshing while focusing on the song aspects." The change results in a live sound with real drums and bass in addition to electro double time basslines and guitar stabs which in our opinion worked out well. For Recoil fans, is sure has many references to Alan Wilder's work both from his "Bloodline" and "Unsound Method" era without actually sampling the master of production.
Courtesy of Side-Line
February 1, 2002

Alan openly in the interview...

In January 2002 Alan Wilder gave an interview to @-mag Electrogarden Network. Some questions touched Alan's leaving Depeche Mode and his answers insinuated more then we expected. Do you want to know what Alan dislikes on Mute? Or his actual relation with DM members?
Go straight to Interviews'
January 17, 2002

The signatures of czech fans are elent of Alan's collection

On November 24th, 2001 took place two Depeche Mode parties in the Czech republic. It isn't so much notable. But important fact is that fans could enclose their signatures to great christmas wish for Alan Wilder. In these days we received Alan's response. As you can see Alan set us a task to thanks you for your support. Well, thank you, thank you, thank you... We hope you'll prop up our following Recoil's projects. On November were collected over 600 signatures and wishes on four large greetings card.
November 19, 2001

Christmas wish for Alan Wilder

Our site mounts great christmas wish for Alan and his family. If you want to join this wish come to Depeche Mode party held in Prague, club 'Hvìzda' on saturday November 24th (I hope we'll have also an agreement with the organizer of Brno's party from the same day). You can also send e-mails to with the subject "Alan: X-mas wish". Please, just in English.
July 3, 2001

Fatherhood more important than music for Alan Wilder

In an interview with the german Recoil website Black Box, Alan Wilder says that he hasn't that much progressed on his new album. Remember that late last year, Alan told that he had already started working on new material. But things seem to go a bit slower than expected: "I have been pre-occupied with other things over the last year and music has had to take a back seat (Alan Wilder became father for the 2nd time when Stanley Duke Wilder was born). I have a few tracks underway but no real direction at the moment." A new Recoil album may see the light of day in 2003, not earlier though. Alan also commented on Depeche Mode's current status: "Depeche Mode, these days, is essentially a Martin Gore solo project with Dave singing - it is bound to sound different and perhaps people just miss the translation onto record of 'band interaction' / 'chemistry' / 'tension' - call it what you will." And don't let it be a surprise but Mister Wilder shares the overall idea that the mixes are not that great by saying "I still feel remixes are undertaken for the wrong reasons - as marketing tools - and that sours their effect for me."
Courtesy of Side-Line
June 1, 2001

Alan Wilder celebrates his 42nd birthday!

April 4, 2001

The Monkey's Mask

Some of you may be aware that the Recoil track 'Jezebel' features in 'The Monkey's Mask', a new Australian film directed by Samantha Lang and starring Kellie McGinnis and Susie Porter. 'Jezebel' is to be included on the soundtrack album for the film.
Courtesy of Shunt
March 30, 2001


The videoclip of 'Jezebel' was telecasted in the new czech programme Letadlo.
March 1, 2001

The Hole

Following hot on the heels of 'The Monkey's Mask', an instrumental version of 'Jezebel' is to be included in a major new British production called 'The Hole'. 'Jezebel' is to be included on the soundtrack album for the film.
Courtesy of Shunt
March 1, 2001

Recoil on UP11

'Jezebel ' has been included on UP11, the latest release by Unknown Public. Unknown Public produces a compilation CD for creative music which is mailed to subscribers in 50 countries. It is an innovative solution to two familiar problems confronting the music industry - getting creative music heard by an appreciative audience and helping the audience make new musical discoveries. To date the company have published ten issues; UP11, whose theme is 'Beauty & Terror' was recently released.
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January 21, 2001

The bomb is called Stanley Duke

Alan and Hepzibah has new child - Stanley Duke Wilder! There's unbelievable how this information they achieve keep back from the public. We wish you many happy days...
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January 19, 2001

New 'Hydrology'

Mute US are planning to re-release the Recoil LP 'Hydrology (plus 1+2)' in March 2001 as part of their 'Essential Collection'. There will be a small servicing to press, radio and retail. The LP was originally released in Europe in 1986 and through Mute/Enigma in the US. Enigma folded several years ago and the LP has been out of print ever since.
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January 19, 2001

'Jezebel' movie star

Some of you may be aware that the Recoil track 'Jezebel' features in 'The Monkey's Mask', a new Australian film directed by Samantha Lang and starring Kellie McGinnis and Susie Porter.
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January 19, 2001

'Jezebel' in Paskvil

In the latest volume (January 17) of Paskvil was shown the whole videoclip of 'Jezebel'.
January 19, 2001


Updated the 'fan art' section. We're still waiting for the text about Di's meeting with Alan but we're proud to show you pictures from the randezvous. We also started to collaborate with others unofficial Recoil website Stone Cold (Vince) and Black Chrome (Tibo).
November 13, 2000

Do your own Recoil

We decided to open new fan-art-gallery. We would be really glad when you'll send us your personal art-works. We want to find and publish gains of fans how Alan's music affects to you. We mean pictures, poems, stories, photos, any multimedia files, lyrics etc. But we're also waiting for your truthful experiences with Recoil or Alan himself. The gallery will be placed in the fan art section.
November 7, 2000

'Liquid' wins award

This has just arrived from the Recoil headquarters: "We have recently been informed that 'Liquid' has won a prestigious award - the Grand Prize 2000 - voted by the Charles Cros Academy. The Academy is made up of influential members of French press, tv and radio. The award ceremony will take place at the Maison De Radio in Paris on November 28th at 12.00am. We are not yet sure whether Alan will be attending or not." Congratulations go to Alan Wilder, may the neverending story continue this way!
Courtesy of Side-Line
October 20, 2000

Manhattan in the night

Added new scans to the 'discography' section. We found pictures of promo CD for 'Faith Healer' and promo CD for 'Strange Hours' and the advance CD for 'Liquid'. The third track on the 'Strange Hours' promo is called 'Manhattan' (not 'New York Nights').
October 13, 2000

Paskvil uses Recoil as promo

About 10 seconds of 'Drifting' was used as the dividing line in the yesterday's volume of czech (not only) music programme Paskvil. Stalker also got the undertaking of the broadcasting the promo for 'Jezebel'.
October 4, 2000

Official Recoil T-shirts

We're proud to let you know that promised Shunt fashion collection was presented. Exclusively designed in conjunction with Eclipse Merchandising Recoil shirts are now available in the following styles.
October 2, 2000

Unofficial Recoil disc

'Elektrobeats' is new unofficial Recoil CD. On two disc you can find Alan Wilder interview from Radio Eins (German radio station near Berlin) taken at the 12th April and 19th April 2000. Interview is in English, translated to German. The cd is highly limited, there was released only 10 copies, each number has an sticker with the number of copy. 'Elektrobeats' also included all Recoil albums. Total timming is 160 minutes.
October 2, 2000

Recoil videoclips wanted

'Strange Hours' and especially 'Jezebel' are broadcasted on Viva 2 daily. The only one (only two) czech programmes which emit Recoil promos are "Paskvil" and "The Night with Angel".
September 27, 2000

Mute zone in Brno

Only by a lucky chance we found out that Mute Records is throwing a presentation in Brno. Great thanks to Zdenicka for fast info. Karel Denis (aka Karel Penis), one of the Mute Czechoslovakia promoters, evidently estimated that the best comes at the end so we had to pass many promos till 'Jezebel'.
September 13, 2000

The Jezebel video

Brand new videoclip finally declassified. We added new shots and info of new Recoil videoclip into the videography section. Director was Richard Bell, the central character (an old black man) is played by actor Louis Saint Juste and the movie was shot in Wales. Richard Bell says: "My idea was to create a film which has no linear structure but would capture the mood of the song with an atmosphere which parallels the narrative of the lyrics without telling the same story. Since we did not have a vocalist, I thought we could turn that to our advantage and use an actor to convey the spirit of the story."
Pøejdi na podrobnosti
September 11, 2000

Jezebel in shops

The new recoil single was actually put up for sale. This multi-media CD-Rom contains two versions of 'Jezebel' (edit and the slick sixty v rj remix), special new mix of 'Electro Blues For Bukka White' (2000 mix), the full version of 'Black Box' (complete) and the brandnew videoclip of 'Jezebel' (directed by Richard Bell for the State Films).
September 1, 2000

Celebration time again

Two persons related with the Recoil project celebrate today their great B-day. Both probably will celebrate separately, not on one great collective party because one of them is Alan's daughter Paris (born in 1996) and the second is Goug McCarthy (born in 1967). Stalker wish to both best luck...
August 23, 2000

Jezebel release delay

'Jezebel' will now be released on September 11th, 2000. We regret this announcment of yet another delay to the release date - it has become necessary to give more time to build interest at retail following positive reactions at Radio and TV as well as to allow monthly press ads to run at a more relevant time. We apologise if the incorrect date announcements have caused any inconvenience.
Courtesy of Shunt
August 18, 2000

The cover of Jezebel

Obal nového singlu 'Jezebel' odpovídá stylu Recoilu.
August 16, 2000

The third dead-line for Jezebel

The first announced term for release of new Recoil single 'Jezebel' was August, 7th. While Alan informed on Shunt the delay to the August, 14th, yesterday Mute announced the third dead-line to August, 21st.
August 3, 2000

Liquid still valued

Music magazine "Melodie" declared three best album of year 2000. And the results?
gold meadil - Moby (Play)
silver medail - Tom Jones (Reload)
bronze medail - Recoil (Liquid)
July 10, 2000

New Recoil single

An enhanced single, 'Jezebel' including a new Recoil video will be released on August 7th, 2000 (this date is still subject to change). No release date has been set yet for the US and Canada.
June 29, 2000

Results of the public inquiry

During Depeche Mode Friends party (Brno, June 24th, 2000, music club Fan Favorit) were questioned 157 DM/Recoil fans (to like Recoil music was the necessarry clause) about their favourites in Recoil.
June 13, 2000

Liquid valued as the best

In the part '.rec' (concerned with new records) of the czech musical programme Paskvil (broadcasted on Thu 08-06, re-runed on Fri 09-06 and Sun 11-06) was also talking about new Alan's album 'Liquid'. This CD was presented as perfect. The moderator Dean Reed talked about brilliant guests on the album, about elaborated music at all points and about Alan's dateless devices. Dean also reminded of Alan's mission in Depeche Mode and Recoil's last lp 'Unsound Methods'. Except Recoil was positively rated new album by Yousou n'Door. Non-badly was talking about the soundtrack for 'The Beach' movie. On the other side uninteresting are new records by Cypress Hill and Dario G.
June 1, 2000

Alan Wilder celebrates his 41st birthday!

April 25, 2000

Shots from 'Drifting' in Paskvil

The shots from the videoclip 'Drifting' were used in the best czech musical programme Paskvil (broadcasted just yesterday, re-run on Fri 26-05 and Sun 28-05). There was a reportage about music festival 'Mezi ploty' (Between Fences). This fund-raiser project is staged for mentally handicapped people. In the document were utilized scenes from the hospital when our "jumper" is carried through the building of emergency. All was without Recoil music. The shots were used with the kindly permission of Mute Czechoslovakia.
April 18, 2000

The on-line chat with Alan

On April 20th, Alan will be participating in an on-line chat hosted by
Courtesy of Shunt
April 14, 2000

Finally in film

Recoil music from the 'Liquid' album will feature in a new Australian film called 'The Monkey Mask'. There are rumours about instrumental version of Jezebel.
April 14, 2000

Back with Toni Halliday

Alan has cotributed some orchestral arrangments and additional production to 2 tracks on the forthcoming Curve LP.
March 24, 2000

XFM for Liquid/Strange Hours

XFM in the UK have placed 'Strange Hours' on their 'B' playlist. Alan will be visiting the XFM studios for a live interview next week.
March 24, 2000

MTv for Liquid/Strange Hours

US MTV premiered 'Strange Hours' on their 120 minutes show last Sunday with an intro from Chris Booker at KROQ.
March 24, 2000


Alan has contributed a guest editorial for 'The Mix' magazine for their May issue.
Courtesy of Shunt
March 24, 2000

The new radio star

Alan will be a guest on BBC Radio 3's much respected, crossover music show 'Mixing It'. Featuring more progressive contempary musicans and composers, this 45 minute programme is co-presented by Robert Sandall + Mark Russell and will be broadcast on Saturday 25th March at 10:45pm. For those of you in another countries, you can listen to BBC Radio 3 via RealAudio at
'Liquid' will be broadcast on Radioativo 98.5FM-México on Friday 24th March between 10 - 11 pm local time. Listen on-line at
Courtesy of Shunt
March 22, 2000

The party is not enough

More Recoil parties added!
March 22, 2000

Gold Singles 86>98 also for Alan

Alan recently attended a Recoil release party in Cologne, held at the Lalic Club, organised in conjunction with the club owner, Intercord's Anne Berning and a selection of dedicated fans. Alan was pleased to obtain a gold disc to commemorate sales of Depeche Mode's 'The Singles 86 - 98'.
March 2, 2000

Strange Hours in VIVA2

Yesterday was 'Strange Hours' video running on german satellite programme VIVA2.
February 25, 2000

Strange Hours in Paskvil

We just received an e-mail from Paskvil production. They got the promise for a promotional Liquid report. It should include official Mute's info, 8 minute document how Liquid was recorded and new 'Strange Hours' video.
February 20, 2000

Liquid presented in Brno

New Recoil LP 'Liquid' was presented during the last night on the Depeche Mode party in the music club 'Mersey'. The stalker team supplied information about new Alan's album. In the same time we initiated the deal about Liquid's presentation in the czech public television in the musically-cultural programme Paskvil. Except proof hits as Faith Healer, Stalker, Luscious Apparatus, Curse, Drifting, Incubus,... we played practically complete Liquid. New tracks had colossal response. Our divination proved true - the greatest were Breath Control, Want and Chrome but also (to our enjoyable surprise) Jezebel, Strange Hours and Vertigen. Black Box (Pt.1) was so good as intro of the party. The next Liquid presentation is scheduled to March 3 in music club Fan Favorit.
February 16, 2000

Recoil promotional trip

Below are the dates and cities that Alan has visited or is scheduled to visit to publicise the forthcoming Recoil album 'Liquid'.
January - Hamburg (16 and 17), Cologne (19), Brussels (19), Oslo (20), Stockholm (21), Paris (27 and 28)
February - New York City (09 and 10), Madrid (18 and 19), Rome (22 and 23)
March - Hamburg (05), Berlin (08), Cologne (09)
February 16, 2000

Liquid promotional party

With the promise of free givaways, loads of good music, vodka, videos and a full LP playback, Plug, in conjunction with Neo and Mute are hosting a release party for 'Liquid' in Chicago.
February 15, 2000

Czech Liquid promotional party

Do you want to listen Liquid right now? Well, come to music Club Mersey (Brno, Czech Republic) on March 19 to Depeche Mode party. The Stalker team will also supply information about new album there.
February 9, 2000

Strange Hours video

The new video 'Strange Hours' was broadcasted on MTv a few minutes ago. New videoclip directed Michael Williams. Filming took place at Babyalien studio in East London and on location at East India train station. Alan doesn't star there.
February 1, 2000

Nine Inch Nails promote Liquid

Nine Inch Nails continue to play tracks from the forthcoming Recoil LP, 'Liquid' before taking the stage on their current 'Fragility' tour. They have recently been in Australasia and will move to the US in the next few weeks. Trent Reznor asked Alan for permission during his production rehearsals in London before Xmas.
January 20, 2000

Alan live on the radio

Broadcast on 19th January, Alan visited Radio 21 in Brussels for a live interview with Rudy Leonet. As far as we can gather, Rudy is the Belgian equivalent of Britain's John Peel and has been a big supporter of Recoil for a number of years.
January 16, 2000

Alan on the party

Alan will attend a combined Recoil / Depeche Mode party in Oslo, Norway on Wednesday 19th January. He'll be there to sign both Recoil and Depeche Mode items and there will be a stand selling Recoil CDs etc.
January 16, 2000

Recoil Promotional Trip

The first promotional trip to publicise the forthcoming Recoil album 'Liquid', has been arranged for mid. January 2000, with a US trip planned sometime towards the end of the month.
January - 16 and 17 Hamburg, 19 Cologne, 19 Brussels, 20 Oslo, 21 Stockholm, 27 and 28 Paris
February - 18 Spain, 22 and 23 Italy
Courtesy of Shunt
December 1, 1999

Liquid confirmed

The release date for the new Recoil LP, entitled 'Liquid', has been set for March 6th 2000. In the US, due to a change of label (from Reprise to Mute), the date has been delayed slightly to March 21st 2000. An enhanced single, 'Strange Hours' including all four Recoil videos will follow the L.P in early April.
November 30, 1999

Shots from Liquid presented

Fans on Depeche Mode Friends International Convention in Prague (November 27, 1999) were able to watch and listen shots and extracts from new Alan's work (from Liquid).
November 30, 1999

NIN and Alan Wilder join forces in Paris

It seems like Trent Reznor has become a very big fan of Recoil. One of the Side-Line staff members noticed that in Paris, between the support band and NIN, a big part of the new Recoil was played. During the try-out of NIN's latest album in London in front of 100 lucky fans, Alan Wilder's newest album "Liquid" to be released in February was also played just before the concert started.
November 30, 1999

Recoil song on the collection

Cover Classics is the ultimate collection of electronic coversongs! The tracklisting is a mixture of international acts like Depeche Mode, Fear Factory or Moby and german artists like Wolfsheim, And One or Die Krupps. The compilation is a journey through all possible kinds of electronic music like Electro-Rock, Synth-Pop or EBM and presents exclusive songs and rare mixes and versions. Furthermore the sampler contains two bonustracks within the limited first edition. Date of release was November 22, 1999.
October 21, 1999

New compilation cd includes Recoil track

A brand new Recoil track (from the forthcoming LP 'Liquid') has been included in the following release "14 Irregular Files" on Mute Records, now available by mail order only.
September 30, 1999

New Recoil!!!

not confirmed There's tracklist of new Recoil album called Liquid (should been released on February 14, 2000):
Black Box Intro / Want / Jezebel / Breath Control / Last Call for Liquid Courage / Strange Hours / Arab / Supreme / Chrome / Black Box Outro
"Liquid", written and produced by Alan with additional production and sound design by PK, features nine new tracks and vocal contributions from fellow Mute artist Diamanda Galas, New York performers Nicole Blackman and Samantha Coerbell, gospel singers The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet and Recoil fan and poet, Rosa M. Torras.
September 30, 1999

New single!!!

A single to new Recoil (title to be confirmed) will precede the LP on or around January 31st. These dates are still somewhat tentative and always subject to change. All formats are yet to be finalised but the possibility of an enhanced CD to include Recoil videos is currently being researched.
June 27, 1999

Alan's work for TV

Alan recently wrote and produced the music for the opening titles of a 6 part Channel 4 documentary series dealing with the world of forensic science. Entitled 'Secrets Of The Dead', the visuals were supplied by the design company Intro, and the first programme was aired on 29th June.
Courtesy of Shunt
June 1, 1999

Alan Wilder celebrates his 40th birthday!

May 11, 1999

New album?

Alan has had a very busy time recording the final 2 vocalists for the new album and is working hard to meet various deadlines.
Courtesy of Shunt

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